Xavi Expects Neymar To Return To Barca

The Spanish legend said that Barca should try to bring Neymar back instead of recruiting Aubameyang or Mane.

Xavi expects Neymar to return to Barca

“In terms of football, he is in the group of 3 or 5 best players in the world,” Goal quoted Xavi. “I hope Neymar will return to Barca. He will add a lot of strength to the team.”

The Spanish legend emphasized: “He has a very positive attitude. This will be an extraordinary contract so the team can make a difference.”

Neymar once publicly intended to return to Barca.
Neymar once publicly intended to return to Barca.

Besides, Xavi advised Barca not to recruit Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang or Sadio Mane because it did not fit the team’s tactics.

“Mane and Aubemeyang can kill the opponent when there is a gap,” Xavi commented. “However, Barca needs players who have the ability to move in tight spaces.”

Xavi went on to explain: “I am thinking about players who are suitable for Barca and it is not easy to find such a person. Previously, Barca had Samuel Eto’o as perfect as Luis Suarez now.”

In the summer of 2019, Neymar publicly announced his intention to break up PSG to return to Barca. However, this deal did not take place because Barca could not meet the requirements of the transfer fee.

He must reduce his salary to return to Barca

The Brazilian striker has not given up his intention to leave PSG to return to Barcelona in the summer of 2020.

Mundo Deportivo said PSG wants to extend the contract and raise wages for Neymar. At the moment, the Brazilian striker receives a salary of 600,000 pounds/week and has 2 years of contract with the home team Parc des Princes.

If he agrees to the future with PSG, Neymar will receive a salary of 44 million pounds a year, including 12 million pounds of sponsorship contracts of the National Bank of Qatar.

Neymar is said to be looking to return to Barca in the summer of 2020. However, he is forced to accept a pay cut if he wants to return to the Nou Camp. Barca can only pay the salary of 18 million pounds/year for Neymar. This is also the number that he received at Barca before moving to PSG in the summer of 2017.

Neymar will have a reduced salary if he wants to return to Barca
Neymar will have a reduced salary if he wants to return to Barca

Neymar In four years with Barca, he has scored 105 goals and has 77 assists in 186 appearances in all competitions. He won the 2015 Champions League, 2 La Liga, and 3 Copa del Rey. He also won the Bronze Ball title in 2015 and 2017.

Neymar has achieved much success at Barca
Neymar has achieved much success at Barca

At PSG, Neymar scored 69 goals and 39 assists after 80 appearances in all competitions, winning 2 Ligue 1 championships and 1 French National Cup. However, he still wants to leave PSG because he could not win the Champions League or be honored at individual awards for the past 3 years. Besides, his influence at PSG is also overshadowed by young talent Kylian Mbappe.