“Neymar England” Sets Out Conditions For MU

TPO – The representative of Jadon Sancho does not hesitate to say, if you want to own money on English talent from Dortmund, MU must have tickets to the Champions League next season. Daily Mail, Evening Standard and Mirror simultaneously reported, MU was dominant in the race to recruit “Neymar England” thanks to extremely attractive offers.

‘Neymar England’ set out conditions for MU

Jadon Sancho continued a brilliant performance in the Dortmund shirt. Since the beginning of the season, the 19-year-old English midfielder has played 31 matches and scored 16 goals, 3 more than the previous season (43 matches / 13 goals). In addition, the young man of Man City is also the author of 17 assists. Since he has scored in 33 goals of Dortmund this season.

The impressive form of Jadon Sancho made many European giants coveted, including MU. The leadership of the “Red Devils” has repeatedly sent representatives to contact the Dortmund side as well as approach the representative of Jadon Sancho in order to bring “Neymar England” back to the misty land. Even, they are willing to spend the transfer amount not less than 110 million pounds.

In a share late last year, Jadon Sancho also hinted that he wanted to go to a bigger stop and get a higher salary. That brings good news for MU. However, in a recent statement, the representative of Emeka Obasi gave the “Red Devils” cold water when declaring, if he wants his client, the Old Trafford team needs to have a ticket to the Champions League, otherwise, they should forget that ambition is moderate.

Be aware that, winning tickets to the Champions League next season is not a simple task for MU. In the Premier League, the “Red Devils” are currently ranked seventh, with 38 points, 3 points behind Chelsea’s 4th, but showing very flattering form. In the Europa League, coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and his students entered the round of 16 and drew the home of Club Brugge 1-1 in the first leg, but it is clear that there is still a long journey to win the championship.

MU spent 120 million pounds, awarded shirt number 7

Jadon Sancho is the hottest name in the player transfer market at the moment. In the 2019/20 season, the British star contributed 14 goals, 16 assists after 23 matches in the Bundesliga, besides 2 goals, 2 assists in the Champions League in Dortmund shirt. Therefore, 3 “big” Premier League including MU, Liverpool, Chelsea are competing fiercely to bring Sancho back to “the land of fog”.

MU is willing to spend 120 million pounds to welcome Jadon Sancho ...
MU is willing to spend 120 million pounds to welcome Jadon Sancho …
... even ready to give this "day star" the legendary number 7 shirt
… even ready to give this “day star” the legendary number 7 shirt

According to sources from the British sports newspaper such as Daily Mail, Evening Standard or Mirror, MU is the biggest dominant team due to the willingness to meet the transfer fee of £ 120 million required by Dortmund.

According to a study from the Center for International Sports Research (CIES), Sancho’s value is estimated at £ 184 million, the highest among U20 players. Anyway, the £ 120 million fee that MU charges is still a “bargain” for Dortmund if known in 2017, the Bundesliga representative only lost £ 8 million to recruit Sancho from Man City.

The transfer fee “crisis” is not the only way to help MU surpass Liverpool, Chelsea. According to Metro, the “Red Devils” are ready to give “Neymar England” the legendary No. 7 shirt if he agrees to join the Old Trafford team. This is also the number of shirts Sancho is wearing in Dortmund.

In the past, United’s No. 7 was famous as George Best, Eric Cantona, David Beckham, Cristiano Ronaldo put on him and is currently vacated by the nearest owner – Alexis Sanchez playing at Inter Milan on loan. Many sources said that Inter will return the Chilean player to MU after the 2019/20 season and the “Red Devils” also plans to strip Sanchez’s No.7.

In fact, Jadon Sancho is not the only candidate to inherit the No.7 shirt. In addition to this young talent, MU is also interested in Barca “Antoine Griezmann” bombs and can dedicate favor to the French striker.

8 giants scramble “Neymar England”

Recently Dortmund CEO Hans-Joachim Watzke had to admit that although he wanted to keep Sancho to target trophies, Dortmund wouldn’t stop if Sancho really wanted to move to a bigger club. However, releasing Jadon Sancho will only happen if Dortmund receives a huge amount of money.

Watzke told Bild that they always respected the wishes of the players. The club had emphasized that idea before the season had been postponed but also had expressed hope that Jadon Sancho would stay with them.

Rich clubs can of course ask, but there are definitely no bargains or bargains. They don’t sell players that are cheaper than their value there.

CEO Watzke said Dortmund will not stop if Sancho wants to go
CEO Watzke said Dortmund will not stop if Sancho wants to go

The “Neymar England” competition promises to be worth watching because the number of clubs pursuing him is sometimes even greater than that of Dortmund striker Erling Haaland. In the Premier League, MU and Liverpool are all contacted with Sancho but Chelsea also has the opportunity because Sancho once expressed hope to return to London to play football. Old Man City club holds a clause that allows them to prioritize the acquisition of Sancho by paying the highest price that any other club offers.

Outside of England, rumors of Jadon Sancho and Real Madrid have been around, and recently Xavi coach said he wanted Sancho if he returned to Barcelona to lead. Bayern Munich and Juventus are also more or less paying attention to the England international, but both clubs are not economically rich enough to race “blockbuster” when Jadon Sancho‘s price is rumored to reach 120 million pounds.
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