‘Neymar costs 164 million euros, better than Messi and Ronaldo’

Former representative Wagner Ribeiro recently revealed surprising information about Neymar is future.

“Neymar still has the ability to come to Barca ”

“If Barca wants to recruit Neymar, they will have to spend 164 million euros,” Wagner Ribeiro told ESPN. “Everything has changed now compared to a year ago. However, Neymar still has the ability to come to Barca ”.

Neymar was identified as the best number 10 at PSG.
Barca has not given up on Neymar.

The representative also confirmed that Barca intends to take advantage of FIFA’s rules to break the current contract with PSG. According to “Article 17” or “Webster Law” in FIFA’s regulations on the condition and transfer of players, any player who serves the team for 3 years or more, has the right to redeem the contract before the age of 28 to leaves the club on a free basis.

At that time, hí price will be assessed by FIFA. Last month, Barca and Neymar’s lawyers estimated the player’s price could be around 180 million euros.

However, Ribeiro revealed that FIFA has determined hí current price is 164 million euros. “It is possible for him to leave PSG under FIFA rules. Last season, he didn’t have a specific price and PSG could ask for 500 million euros. This season, everything has changed and FIFA has provided his price of 164 million euros, ”Ribeiro said.

There was a lot of controversy with his father and he had to stop working with the player, but Ribeiro still reserved the words for the old client: “It is a reasonable price for a player that I think is better. Messi and Ronaldo. I’ve never seen Neymar play poorly in my life. “

Currently, there is much conflicting information about Neymar’s future. The striker born in 1992 is believed to agree to return to Barca. However, the current financial crisis due to the epidemic makes everything unpredictable.

He is better than Ronaldinho at PSG

Anderson Luiz Carvalho identified Neymar as the best No 10 striker at PSG, more than Ronaldinho and Raí Souza Vieira de Oliveira.

“What Neymar shows on the pitch is extraordinary. He is the one who makes a big difference. I do not judge this on friendship but technically, Neymar is the most outstanding player to wear a shirt. No. 10 in Paris, ” Goal quoted by Anderson Luiz Carvalho, a former PSG player, currently playing for Fluminense.

“I was a big fan of Raí when I was young, but there was no chance to see him play at PSG. Ronaldinho also did extraordinary things, but he was only here for a short time and did not win the title. any brand with the team. Neymar is the best, “added the 38-year-old striker.

Neymar was identified as the best number 10 at PSG.

Luiz Carvalho played for the French giants from 2010 to 2013. In more than two seasons here, he became a hero when he got 48 goals in 112 matches, with PSG once winning Ligue 1 and received many individual titles.

Neymar and Luiz Carvalho met at a charity match held in their home town of Brazil and strengthened their friendship through online games. The 28-year-old striker is still in Brazil avoiding the epidemic and could not return to Paris after the French government extended the order to close the border with countries outside the EU.

Neymar had a third season with PSG. He played 80 matches and scored 69 goals, along with 5 titles. In the 2019/20 season, the Brazilian striker scored 18 goals in 22 matches. However, his future at the French team is currently open, after much speculation he returned to Barca.

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