News: Sterling’s The Most Feared Opponent Of Wan-Bissaka’s Career

Although famous as a defender with one-on-one skills in the world, Aaron Wan-Bissaka still has to abstain from a scary name: Raheem Sterling.

Sterling is the most feared opponent of Wan-Bissaka’s career

As of now, Man United fans can be assured that the price of £ 50 million for Wan-Bissaka is not expensive. The 22-year-old thoroughly solved his concerns on the right-wing when playing very stable and effective. Coming to Old Trafford, Wan-Bissaka still holds the record of being one of the best defenders in England.

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But despite being good at one-on-one, there is an opponent that makes Wan-Bissaka sweat when it comes to: “I will say it is Raheem Sterling. Those are the battles I enjoy the most. Sterling keeps going Come, face to face with me. It doesn’t matter if Sterling passes the person on the first try or not, he keeps doing it the next time. That’s what I like. “

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Wan-Bissaka has encountered Sterling twice in the Premier League this season. There, the host team MU won against Man City and Wan-Bissaka also silenced Sterling. Specifically, MU won 2-1 in Etihad last December before winning a 2-0 victory at Old Trafford in March – it was also the match in the Reds’ latest domestic league before football. must be postponed because of the global pandemic.

Sterling's The Most Feared Opponent Of Wan-Bissaka's Career

Talking about the Manchester derby experience, Wan-Bissaka excited: I am very happy with my performance in the 2 Manchester derby and the results are very satisfactory. The second match was right before the blockade of the whole country, a wonderful afternoon. We have prepared that match very well and showed it all on the pitch. When McTominay scored the second goal, the whole stadium broke down and you could see what it meant. “

In a different development, even though the opponent is on the pitch, MU and Man City are extremely unanimous in how to treat employees in the affair. In order to avoid getting in the footsteps of Liverpool, Man City announced that they were the first Premier League club to pay full salaries for all employees without government assistance.

Following Man City, MU also announced it would pay its own salary to more than 900 employees. The Red Devils plan to announce the news this week and are seeking volunteer work that employees can do during a pandemic. Earlier, MU also confirmed that they would pay full wages to employees who worked only on the day of the game until the time of football postponement.

‘Wan-Bissaka is one of the best defenders in the world’

Liverpool legend Jamie Carragher admits Aaron Wan-Bissaka is the best defender in the world after watching the player’s performance against Man City.

Sterling's The Most Feared Opponent Of Wan-Bissaka's Career

“It was an inimical battle between Man City and Man Unt, but it was also a special battle between Raheem Sterling and Aaron Wan-Bissaka. Next time, if the two Manchester City teams meet, I think first Pep Guardiola needs to do is to put Sterling in another position to avoid facing Wan-Bissaka, “the legendary Jamie Carragher shared on Sky Sports.

Welcoming Man City at Old Trafford, United’s coach Ole Solskjaer took the initiative to choose a counter-attacking style. And with a defending defender as high as Wan-Bissaka, this way of kicking up the strength of the English player.

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90 minutes at Old Trafford, the 22-year-old defender with a strong physical foundation and a good set of skills that completely blocked Man City’s most dangerous fuse, Raheem Sterling.

Speaking about this confrontation, Carragher said: “Sterling is one of the top 4 midfielders in the world right now, but Wan-Bissaka shows no fear and always challenges Sterling to overcome him.”.

“I think Wan-Bissaka is still the best face-to-face defender in the world. It’s hard to find a name who can do better than him now,” said the Liverpool legend.

According to the parameters on Squawka, Wan-Bissaka successfully performed all 8 tackles in the match against Man City, reaching the rate of 100%. 8 is also the number of times a player regains the ball successfully from an opponent. Not only that, but he also has 3 times to cut the dangerous passes of the opponent and 2 saves to rescue the defense.

The excellence of Wan-Bissaka in particular and the entire defense system is a key factor, opening the victory for Man United. In the end, the teachers and teachers of Solskjaer defeated the neighbor with a score of 2-0 thanks to the goals of Anthony Martial and Scott McTominay.

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