News For Today: Juventus Plans To Sell Higuain Early

Premier League can kick back on 1/6; Juventus plans to sell early Higuain; Barca wants to buy Cucurella … the news for today.

Juventus Plans To Sell Higuain Early

News for today: Juventus plans to sell Higuain early

– The top sports in the UK, including the Premier League, may return as soon as June 1 instead of June 12 as originally planned. However, spectators will not be allowed to enter the field until the vaccine for the pandemic virus is found.

– Former Chelsea midfielder Jordan Houghton revealed Jose Mourinho had threatened to sell Nemanja Matic during the half-time break in a friendly match ahead of the season.

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– Atalanta midfielder Andrea Rinaldi has died at the age of 19, after 3 days of a brain aneurysm at home. Rinaldi currently plays for Legnano Club in Serie D, the fourth division of Italian football. He was sick last Friday (May 8) and was taken to Varese Hospital, but did not survive.

– According to the Daily Mail, Arsenal’s ambition to own midfielder Thomas Partey was hit hard, after Atletico Madrid was told to swap the 26-year-old star for Liverpool winger Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain.

Atletico wants to exchange Partey for Ox-Chamberlain
Atletico wants to exchange Partey for Ox-Chamberlain

– Hammarby sporting director (Sweden), Jesper Jansson said the team could recruit veteran striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic this summer. Since the end of March, Ibra has returned to his hometown of Sweden and trained in Hammarby, the club he is currently co-chairman. Ibra will expire his contract with Milan when the 2019/20 season closes.

– Midfielder Christian Pulisic revealed he was “estranged” by his new Chelsea team-mates during their first meeting on the bus to the training ground last summer. He said: “When I got on the bus, no one noticed me and no one said anything. Perhaps only one or two people said” hello “and I thought,” What the hell is going on? So? “.

– Defender Kyle Walker has sent an apology to Man City fans and coach Pep Guardiola after blatantly breaking the British government blockade order to “roam” between the global pandemic.

– Despite being disgraced at Real Madrid, according to Mundo Deportivo, striker Luka Jovic still wants to stay at the club to compete for the starting kick for another season. Recently, the Serbian striker suffered an ankle injury and was at risk of being sidelined for 3 months.

– Barcelona will likely activate the option of recruiting 19-year-old striker Gustavo Maia from the Sao Paulo club but will have to pay an additional 3.5 million euros to close the deal. Earlier, defending champion La Liga was said to have deposited 1 million euros in order to “buy” in front of Maia.

Barca is about to have Maia
Barca is about to have Maia

– Juventus has allowed striker Gonzalo Higuain to have 5 more days off to take care of his sick mother. However, the Italian press said this decision could lead to a potential transfer. Currently, Higuain has a 1-year contract with Juventus.

– Barcelona is considering buying full-back Marc Cucurella from Getafe, just 2 months after the youngster officially left the Nou Camp. This is because Barca was not satisfied with Junior Firpo, who had just been brought back to reserve for Jordi Alba on the left-wing corridor.

– Bayern Munich head coach Hans-Dieter Flick expects midfielder Philippe Coutinho to play for the club for the remainder of the 2019/20 season, before returning to Barcelona due to the end of his loan deal.

– La Liga president Javier Tebas emphasized that the rest of the 2019/20 season will start on June 12. Currently, most teams in La Liga have returned to individual training after performing pandemic virus tests. In addition, Tebas expressed his ambition to hold La Liga matches every day, until the end of the season.

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