New Chicago Fire vs Orlando City Prediction | MLS | 07/08

New Chicago Fire vs Orlando City Prediction: Chicago Fire is trying to improve their position when having positive results in the past time. On the other side of the front line, Orlando City is in need of more points to race to the top of the Eastern rankings. Which team will 3 points go to?

New Chicago Fire vs Orlando City Prediction


  • Match date: 01:00 am on 2021/07/08
  • Event: MLS
  • Stage: Matchday 12th
  • Location: Soldier Field






Chicago Fire’s advantage is being played at Soldier Field’s home ground. However, they are also not appreciated more than the away team Orlando City.

New Chicago Fire’s form in the last 5 matches: 

If you include the MLS tournament, the Chicago Fire is not playing well. Over the last 11 matches, the number of defeats that Chicago Fire has to receive has reached 7. What they can do are only 2 wins and 2 draws. That result only gave Raphael Wicked and his students a meager 8 points. So as of now, Chicago Fire is ranked 12th on the Eastern chart.

Looking at the current reality, Chicago Fire is having an improvement in terms of results. After losing 0-1 to Cincinnati at Soldier Field, Chicago Fire had 2 consecutive unbeaten matches, Most recently they enjoyed the joy of victory when they defeated Atlanta 3-0. 

New Chicago Fire vs Orlando City Prediction

Orlando City’s form in the last 5 matches:

The goal of Orlando City at this time is still the top of the ranking in the East region. Up to the present time, Orlando City is ranked second in the table. After 11 matches, they got 6 wins and 3 draws to get 21 points. Notably, Orlando City is losing 3 points to the top team New England but playing 1 match worse. Therefore, The Lions is able to compete for the top spot.

However, to do that, Orlando City needs to improve their performance. Currently, they have won the last 3/5 matches. However, with the remaining 2 matches, Orlando City received 2 defeats. Most recently, they lost to New York RB 1-2 when welcoming the opponent at home. 

Select: Orlando City FT.


Chicago Fire owns a fairly stable attack in the last 5 matches. What they bring is 6 goals. Hence the scoring performance stops at 1.2. However, Chicago Fire’s defense needs to improve more in the game. They have conceded 7 times, equivalent to 1.4 goals/game.

On the other side of the field, Orlando City also faced the same difficulties as the Chicago Fire. This team lost 6 goals. Notably, the attack played very effectively when it scored 12 goals. Corresponding to this result is an efficiency of 2.4 goals/match.

With Over/Under 2.75, the last 5 matches of Chicago Fire won Under 3 times, corresponding to a rate of 60%. On the side of Orlando City, Under won 0 times in the last 5 matches they attended.

Select: Over 2.75 FT.


Over the past 8 years, Chicago Fire has had more support from the past than the opponent. Specifically, out of a total of 17 confrontations, 8 Chicago Fire matches won. In the opposite direction, Orlando City’s total number of wins only stopped at 3. In the remaining 6 matches, the two teams competed equally.

According to the statistics of the last 5 encounters, Orlando City still does not have a better record than Chicago Fire. They only won 1 match and lost 2 matches. Thus, in the remaining 2 matches, the two teams hold a draw.

Select: Orlando City FT.

New Chicago Fire vs Orlando City Prediction


Despite having to play away from this match, Orlando City still has a lot of confidence for a victory. Chicago Fire is not a rival to Orlando City if the away team plays properly. 

New Chicago Fire vs Orlando City Prediction: Chicago Fire 1-2 Orlando City FT (0-1 H1).

The above is information about the prediction in the 12th match between New Chicago Fire vs Orlando City of MLS on 2021/07/08 of the CMD368 bookie.