Nepal vs Australia Prediction | World Cup Qualification | 06/11

Nepal vs Australia prediction: The away team is facing the opportunity to continue after their extremely impressive performance. They only need 1 win to be able to continue to the top of the table. Will they do well in this operation to bring back all 3 points when Nepal is not a strong opponent?


  • Match date: 04:00 pm on 06/11/2021
  • Event: World Cup Qualif., AFC
  • Stage: Matchday 8th






Nepal is having a not too outstanding record this season, statistics in the last 5 matches they won 2 drew 2 and lost only 1. They are one of the teams with the highest number of goals conceded in the tournament. They have 19 times in the net to pick up the ball, while the attack did not see any effect for the way up the ball. They are only scoring 4 goals into the opponent’s net. Thereby making the team fall to 4th place with only 6 points and all the ability to go deeper in this tournament. Perhaps the competition in the remaining matches is just procedural. But Nepal still shows a great deal of their determination to be able to improve more positively in the upcoming seasons.

In the remaining route, form is the most remarkable thing for Australia at this time. They played extremely sublimely when they won all the last 5 matches, thereby helping the team rise to the top of Group B with 15 points. 2 points away from the 2nd team despite playing less than 1 match. The scoring ability of the away team players is also really impressive with 22 goals. The performance of more than 5 goals per game shows the huge difference between them and the rest of the opponents in the group. Victory is the goal they set out in this match to be able to continue proudly. So, the preparation is extremely thorough for this match.

This is a tournament for teams like Nepal to learn as well as assess their own capabilities to help them make more positive steps in the future. Maybe Nepal will put more emphasis on when they want to express themselves as well as gain experience. However, with the away team, they have a great desire for the ticket to go on as well as reach the final round of WC 2022 with their best frame in the past.

Select: Over FT.


A match where Nepal is trying to do its best to find the flaws in their tactics and people. Thereby helping the team improve their level and train their abilities for the next season. The lack of ability to continue makes the morale of the players is increasing with the mentality that there is nothing left to lose. However, Australia still stands out as a fairly strong team. They are in extremely high form and are the nightmare of all the teams on this table. Owning a quality and class of young players is believed that they will win this match with an overwhelming score like the way they did in the first leg.

Select: Australia FT.


Obviously, the difference between the two teams is still very large. Australia is famous for having a pretty good lineup of players along with extremely high performance. What they have shown in the past time makes fans feel secure every time playing. Therefore, it is difficult for the home team to do anything unexpected. Experts say that Nepal’s ability to win is impossible with the weakness as well as the not-so-good people that they possess.

Select: Australia FT.


A relaxed mentality and not putting too much weight on the issue of winning or losing. This will help the young players in Nepal aim for a double and open game early on. On the other side, Australia is a team that owns an extremely strong attack. With a performance of 4 goals/game. So,  it is believed that the desire and youth will help Australia win with a score difference in this match. Predict the result is an explosion of scores.

Nepal vs Australia prediction: Nepal 1 – 5 Australia FT (0-3 H1).


Nepal: Chemjong, Rajbanshi, Magar, Bista, Tamang, Rai, Shrestha, Tamang, Paswan, Dhimal, Chand.

Australia: Ryan, Deng, Mooy, Luongo, Degenek, Grant, Smith, Etaggart, Goodwin, Leckie, Josh Maclaren.

The above is information about the prediction in the 8th round match between Nepal vs Australia Prediction of World Cup Qualif., AFC on 06/11/2021 of CMD368 bookie.