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Oklahoma City Thunder vs Houston Rockets – NBA prediction

NBA prediction

OKC is the name that created surprises this season. Entering the first round of the playoffs against the Houston Rockets, it seemed that OKC would have an advantage when the Rockets were without Russell Westbrook’s service due to injury, but OKC was disappointed when they lost in the first two games.

Coach Billy Donovan and his team knew how to get up in the last 3 games with a 119-107 victory over the Rockets. This is a match that OKC needs to take extra time to overcome the Rockets. Dennis Schroder led the OKC scorers’ list this match with 29 points from the bench. Chris Paul contributed 26 points to OKC while Shai Gilgeous-Alexander 23.

The Houston Rockets are continuing to show the level of a big team this season. Entering the first round of the Playoffs meeting a nasty opponent OKC without the service of important star Russell Westbrook, the Rockets still have a 2-1 lead over OKC after 3 games. In the last game 3, the Rockets had to fail with the score 107-119.

Star James Harden still shows impressive ability to score with 38 points in this match. Jeff Green also maintained his good form in the Playoffs as he contributed 22 points to the Rockets. This is a match where the Rockets only have 15/50 3-point shots on target.

As NBA prediction, the performance of Harden in this Playoffs series is not too impressive. Having a good mentality after winning game 3, OKC is expected to continue to do well in this game 4.

Orlando Magic vs Milwaukee Bucks

NBA prediction

After the big surprise inflicted on the Milwaukee Bucks in the first game, it seemed that the plans that Orlando Magic had prepared were no longer effective against a much better opponent. In the match just ended, Orlando Magic was completely overwhelmed in almost the entire match and had to accept a complete defeat with the score 107-121, officially being pushed by the opponent to a 2-1 lead in this Eastern quarter-finals.

Orlando’s No. 1 hope, Nikola Vucevic was too tightly controlled and no longer played as successfully as the previous two games with only 20 points scored during the match.

Meanwhile, the better the Milwaukee Bucks played. Up until now, they have completely erased the suspicions of the fans after their first game loss. Giannis Antetokounmpo had a very successful match. Milwaukee’s owner alone earned the home team 35 points, alongside 11 rebounds and 7 assists, the league’s best stats.

With a devastating performance in the last game, it is not difficult to understand that Milwaukee is the most appreciated in the upcoming match, or even in the remainder of this quarter-finals.

On a day where the Vucevic was too tightly contained and under-operated, Orlando understood that their remaining chances were not much. As NBA prediction, they need to change their approach to the match and aim to have a more flexible roster, otherwise, the next match is likely to be even more difficult. Result of the match in favor of the victory for Milwaukee Bucks.