NBA Outlook: Baseball News 03/11

Predict the NBA basketball match between Houston Rockets vs Minnesota Timberwolves and Brooklyn Nets vs Los Angeles Lakers takes place on 11/3

Houston Rockets vs Minnesota Timberwolves

Rate: Houston Rockets handicap 12.5 points

Total points: 244

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After 6 consecutive victories, the Houston Rockets are going through really bad days with 4 consecutive defeats, resulting in them being surpassed by Oklahoma City Thunder and falling to 6th place in the Western rankings.

It is not difficult to find a reason for the heavy defeat of the red army, the play of the Houston Rockets depends very much on 3-point situations, and in a week of cold throwing, the 4 consecutive failures are also is understandable.

However, in those 4 games, besides LA Clippers being considered a strong opponent, New York Knicks, Charlotte Hornets or Orlando Magic are considered very weak teams. So Houston Rockets make many people worry that they only have 3 points as the only weapon.

12.5 points is a difficult task for Houston Rockets at this time
12.5 points is a difficult task for Houston Rockets at this time

“It’s funny that no one dared to look down on us for 8 days before, everything seemed to be very well. 8 days after things were going badly, we needed to take advantage of home games like the Timberwolves to get back the confidence.” Rockets coach Mike D’Antoni said.

For the wolves, they unexpectedly won 3 victories in the past week, this achievement helped the Minnesota Timberwolves escape their series of disastrous losses. D’Angelo Russell is getting better into the new team, which is a positive signal for the away team.

However, the visit to Toyota Center promises to be full of hardships for the Timberwolves, they are one of the poorest defensive teams in the tournament. Of course, the wolves are underestimated, but with a gap of 12.5 points and the current form of Houston Rockets, it is a goal that is difficult to accomplish.

Experts predict: Houston Rockets win under 12.5 points

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Total points: Under 244

Brooklyn Nets vs Los Angeles Lakers – NBA

Rate: Lakers accept 11.5 points (Lakers -11.5)

Total points: 223.5

On March 11, the Brooklyn Nets will march to the Staples Center to encounter the Los Angeles Lakers, starting their long-term visit to the West.

In recent days, Brooklyn is suffering quite a lot of turmoil when parting coach Kenny Atkinson although the Playoffs round is approaching and the captain has two more seasons in the contract. The strange thing is that Mr. Kenny has helped a lot in turning the entire Brooklyn Nets from one of the NBA‘s worst teams to a strong team and a united team.

Now, after changing coaches and facing a strong team like the Los Angeles Lakers, will Nets have any chance to win?


Verdict: The Los Angeles Lakers have just gone through an uplifting weekend with 2 wins against 2 top NBA teams, LA Clippers and Milwaukee Bucks. These are two of the many impressive performances LeBron James and his teammates have been having since the All-Star holiday.

Everything is improved with the purple and yellow team, from attack to defense. Even names like Kyle Kuzma now play extremely aggressively in defense, silently contributing to the feat of the LA Lakers.

Meanwhile, the Brooklyn Nets change room has become chaotic after the dismissal of coach Kenny Atkinson. Although Nets has just had 2 consecutive victories, this will not change the fact that they will have to encounter a true giant tomorrow. Therefore, the LA Lakers is expected to win strongly in this match.

Some information related to confrontation: In the last 10 meetings, the Lakers got better with 6 wins. The average score of the two teams when confronted is 108.1 (BKN) and 110.2 (LAL).

Force situation: Nets absent Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant. The Lakers are likely without LeBron James and Anthony Davis.

Experts predict: Lakers win over 12 points (Lakers -11)

Total points: Under 223
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