Four things fans can do during the NBA suspension due to COVID-19v

Given the risk of the NBA 2020 delay of at least 30 days and a possibility of up to 2 months for Corona Virus (Covid-19), let’s take a look at four ways to kill the waiting time for the official NBA 2020 matches to return.

The intermission period of the NBA 2020 season has entered on Wednesday due to concerns about the spread of the Corona Virus (Covid-19) epidemic.

Initially, the tournament was intended to be suspended for “at least 30 days”. However, according to the latest information, the teams have started preparing for a delay of up to 60 days and even 3 months, depending on the situation of disease control in the US.

For NBA fans, this is an extremely difficult time because the hole left because Corona Virus (Covid-19) is too big. They also cannot watch other sports because many tournaments around the world are postponed. So what should be done to make time pass faster in the next 30-60 days?

Here are 4 options to help the fans can kill time in their spare time, waiting for the NBA 2020 return.

1. Complete the season with your favorite team on NBA 2K

NBA 2K is the first choice for fans when the NBA 2020 season is delayed because of Corona Virus (Covid-19)
NBA 2K is the first choice for fans when the NBA 2020 season is delayed because of Corona Virus (Covid-19)

The basic, simplest and most obvious option is NBA 2K, the first thing that comes to the mind of most NBA fans after the season is suspended.

Imitate the Phoenix Suns, the team teaming up with a number of gamers to complete their entire Regular Season on NBA 2K. In addition, players can also online and compete with friends. Why not create your own Playoffs with your favorite names?

2. Go back in time to follow some of the NBA’s past matches

Not everyone loves to play games and have the ability to own good PC sets, PS4 or XBox. But don’t worry, another way to continue living with basketball is to watch matches from the last century in the NBA.

For those with NBA 2020 League Pass, this is quite easy to do as they can access thousands of Hardwood Classic matches, where legends like Michael Jordan, Charles Barkley or even Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O’Neal were children hit horizontal and vertical diaphragm.

Without the League Pass, fans can still go to YouTube to find their old matches.

A few examples to look for might be Michael Jordan in the championship six seasons, the uncompromising battle between Larry Bird with Magic Johnson or the golden age of Kobe Bryant with the 4th and 5th championship rings.

3. Review a few of the top performances in this season

If you don’t like watching ancient games, go back to the full-HD screenings of the NBA 2020 this season.

To watch the entire game again, fans must have NBA League Pass. But if you only track highlights, a lot of videos of happenings have been posted on YouTube for viewers to search.

This season, a number of notable performances were shown such as 50 points from Trae Young, 60 points from James Harden or 61 points from Damian Lillard. In addition, the competition between Zion Williamson and LeBron James or the Los Angeles battle a few weeks ago is also extremely worth reviewing.

4. Follow the young talents at the NBA Draft 2020

This is one of those hard work. However, in the basketball fan community, there is a very passionate section to follow and study the players at the NCAA level.

As the NBA 2020 season pauses, this will be the perfect time to rethink the names that will enter the 2020 NBA Draft taking place in June.

More specifically, fans of several teams that have the ability to reach high picks like the Golden State Warriors will target many names like LaMelo Ball, James Wiseman or Cole Anthony.

A selection of young players selected at the NBA 2020 Draft
A selection of young players selected at the NBA 2020 Draft

Above are the several things that NBA followers can have a try during the NBA 2020 suspension because of the new widespread epidemic outbreak Corona Virus (Covid-19).