Tennis 24/7: Nadal Set A Respectable Double Record

(Sports news – Tennis news) Weekly tennis news from February 24 to March 1: Roger Federer went through nearly 30 banned substances tests last season. His great rival Rafael Nadal has set unprecedented trophies after winning his first title this season in Mexico.

38-year-old Federer is still fighting well, has been tested for banned substances nearly 30 times

According to the publication of Blick (Switzerland), Roger Federer had to go through 29 doping tests last season, including 20 that took place in the tournaments he attended and 9 other times at his home. of “Express train”

Federer underwent nearly 30 substances tests last year
Federer underwent nearly 30 substances tests last year

Of course, the player who holds a record of 20 Men’s Grand Slams has passed those rigorous tests. At the age of 38, Federer still shows respectable form. Unfortunately, he will have to quit the game until June this year to recover from a right knee injury after the surgery was just performed.

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Federer has just become the first player in the history of the 750-week milestone to rank among the top 3 male tennis players in the world since the ATP ranking was established in 1973. The people behind him on this list Rafael Nadal (602 weeks), Jimmy Connors (591), Novak Djokovic (571) and Ivan Lendl (499), respectively.

Crowned in Mexico, Nadal set a record brace

Last weekend, at the Mexican Open 2020 finals on hard court in Acapulco (Mexico), No. 1 seed Rafael Nadal easily defeated American rival Taylor Fritz 6-3, 6-2 to have the 3rd in coronation career here after 2 first time (when the tournament still takes place on clay court) in 2005 and 2013.

Nadal holds the record for being the youngest tennis player to win the Mexican Open 15 years ago, he has also established the feat as the oldest player crowned in the title at Acapulco.

This is Nadal’s first title in 2020 and also the 85th title in the top tennis career of “Gaur”. Nadal has now officially owned two records at the time when he was the youngest tennis player at the Mexican Open (2005 when he was 18) and he is also the oldest player to be crowned at this tournament (in 2020). when 33 years old).

Rafa has also formally achieved a respectable feat by winning at least one title in 17 consecutive seasons.

Disclosure shock: Sharapova has never broken the racket to discharge anger

Former No. 1 talented world Maria Sharapova has just made the whole world feel and the fans regret when officially retiring at the age of 32. According to Tennis World USA, in recent days, a fan of Masha revealed on Twitter that “Russian Doll” has never broken a racket on the field of her career:

“Can we also talk about how Maria (Sharapova) did not smash the racket through her 18 years of taking part in career? Tennis sometimes brings frustrating things (because of anger in the game), but she always controls herself well “- one Sharapova fan wrote on Twitter.

Unlike many colleagues, Sharapova does not have the habit of venting his anger on his racquets if he does not play as expected
Unlike many colleagues, Sharapova does not have the habit of venting his anger on his racquets if he does not play as expected

Azarenka fought over custody, while studying at Harvard University

Since losing against Laura Siegemund 7-6 (7-5), 4-6, 2-6 in the first round of the Australian Open 2019 women’s singles, for more than 1 year, the former world No. 1 tennis player – Victoria Azarenka did not attend any more tournaments.

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Vika’s career interruption at this stage was mainly because she was busy attending a legal battle with her ex-boyfriend Billy McKeague as they dragged each other to court to compete for custody of their young son, little Leo.

Azarenka with her son Leo
Azarenka with her son Leo

Currently, Azarenka is attending “Business Interference” – a business bachelor’s degree program at the prestigious Harvard University (USA), where she attends with other notable female tennis players such as stars. won gold medals in women’s Olympic 2016 Rio women’s singles – Monica Puig, Christina Mchale and Alla Kudryavtseva.

New tennis queen in Doha defeated Kvitova

A big surprise took place at the WTA Qatar Open women’s singles final in Doha (Qatar) over the weekend, Petra Kvitova – the Czech player who won the Wimbledon twice, lost after only two sets with the same 3-6 ratio against their junior from Belarus – Aryna Sabalenka.

Sabalenka (left) overcomes former Qatar Open champion Kvitova 2018 for the first time crowned in Doha

Sharing after this memorable match, Sabalenka said that the great loss after her father died suddenly last month has further motivated her to win her first title in Qatar recently:

“I just suppose I want to focus wholeheartedly on playing tennis well. I just lost my father last month and he is the biggest motivation for me to strive for. I want to give this title to my father. ” – 21-year-old player shared.