Nadal must protect 2 Grand Slams in just 35 days

(Sports news – Tennis news) Nadal will have a lot of difficulties when it is only over a month to protect 2 Grand Slams.

With the complicated developments of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Roland Garros 2020 tournament has officially rescheduled until this fall.

Nadal defends 2 Grand Slams in just 35 days
Nadal defends 2 Grand Slams in just 35 days

The new schedule of Roland Garros is inconvenient for the tennis players

Specifically, instead of starting on May 24 as the original, Roland Garros 2020 will take place from September 20 to October 4. This can be considered a “brave” decision of the organizers because the change has made the tournament become the Grand Slam takes place at the latest in 2020.

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But the problem is, the new schedule of Roland Garros 2020 is inconvenient for the players, because the US Open Grand Slam ends on September 13. And so, it will only take 1 week for the players to change the state from the hardcourt to the clay court.

The most miserable is Rafael Nadal. A source from AS said that if these two tournaments were to occur next to each other, the Spanish player would have to protect 2 Grand Slams in just 35 days (US Open and Roland Garros).

Suppose that after successfully defending the US Open championship, Nadal will continue to plunge into “hardship” at Roland Garros. This is a huge challenge when constantly plowing matches in a set of 5 and 3 wins, not to mention adapting quickly on both sides of the pitch is also a problem.

To make matters worse, if you count the 2 Grand Slams above, 4,000 points is the number of Nadal you have to protect if you do not want to drop out of the ATP rankings. This is a huge loss for the Spanish tennis player.

Roger Federer recently informed fans that he had knee surgery, which caused the Swiss tennis player not to attend tournaments until the end of Roland Garros 2020. This means that the “Express train” “will lose more than 3,000 points and can drop out of the top 10 in the world.

Roger Federer lost No. 3 next week
Roger Federer lost No. 3 next week

No need to wait until that time, just early next week the Swiss legend will lose his place in the top 3 strongest players in the world by not being able to participate in defending the Dubai Championship. Losing 500 points, Federer’s position will belong to Austrian player Diminic Thiem on 2 March.

The huge disadvantage for the Spanish tennis player.

In the context of Nadal’s difficulty, Federer felt lucky when he was on a 4-month break from his knee surgery in February. With the Roland Garros 2020 moving to the end of September, the chance to take part again opens up. with the owner of 20 Grand Slam titles.

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In another development, Grand Sam on the pitch has not changed when scheduled to start on June 29. Despite the increasingly complicated situation of Covid-19, BTC All England Club has not moved to postpone the award.

On tennis365, former Woodbridge tennis player said that Nadal will give up the US Open to put strength for Roland Garros. That was the thinking of Marc Rosset, another former tennis player. This is not difficult to understand because clay is still Rafa ground, which has shown absolute dominance over the years.
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