MU themself will cause trouble with Harry Kane

Harry Kane would be a great choice for Man United‘s attack. However, the acquisition of the English striker is not simple.

Harry Kane signed a long-term contract with Tottenham.

He is also the most important player in Spurs’s line-up. The fact that Kane received much attention from MU does not surprise all because he is one of the best strikers in the world today.

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But Tottenham has no reason to sell Harry Kane. In the meantime, President Daniel Levy and coach Jose Mourinho will do everything to keep him stay. Therefore, the negotiations on Kane will be very complicated, even if he wants to leave London.

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Harry Kane said he wanted to leave Tottenham.
Harry Kane said he wanted to leave Tottenham.

MU understands Daniel Levy thanks to Luka Modric

Previously, Rio Ferdinand said that he received a message from Luka Modric with the desire to join Man United. Immediately, the Man United leadership was thinking about negotiating with Tottenham rather than making any judgment on the level of the Croatian midfielder.

When the deal was unsuccessful, Ferdinand was explained by David Gill about United’s reluctance. “That’s the thought to deal with him all summer” – CEO of MU shared. The “he” mentioned by David Gill is Daniel Levy, president of Tottenham.

In 2008, David Gill once called the Dimitar Berbatov transfer from Tottenham a “nightmare” because Levy lasted for talks from June to the last day of the summer transfer. Three years later, David Gill still hasn’t calmed down.

Tottenham president Daniel Levy is not easy to play on the negotiating table.
Tottenham president Daniel Levy is not easy to play on the negotiating table.

Chelsea was the only club to bid for Modric in the summer of 2011, with 25 million euros. Finally, the Croatian midfielder had to wait until 2012 to leave Tottenham and join Real Madrid for a fee of 35 million euros.

Modric’s story is being repeated when news of Harry Kane contacted by Man United appeared in the media. But with that lesson, is Man United ready to deal with Daniel Levy for the English striker – the irreplaceable element of Tottenham?

Staff in MU leadership has also changed compared to 9 years ago. But the stories of Modric and Berbatov were enough for Vice President Ed Woodward and his assistant Matt Judge to overlook the opportunity to recruit Christian Eriksen in January. Meanwhile, the Danish midfielder wants to go to Italy and Daniel Levy will take advantage of any negotiations with MU to earn more money from Inter Milan. In addition, Woodward knows Kane’s importance to Tottenham is becoming increasingly clear and it will be difficult to recruit him.

Does MU really need Kane?

Now, MU thinks Harry Kane needs to publicly declare he wants to leave instead of texting any player. That is simply not the style of a man who became the captain of England. he has a proper demeanor and the ability to communicate just like his phenomenal scoring performance.

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In recent times, Man United has done a survey on their attraction to Kane if he is present in the transfer market. In contrast, Kane’s future at Tottenham is also becoming unclear compared to any previous period.

MU has been following him since 2015, under Louis van Gaal. But they have not tried to recruit the English striker since. He is also not listed on the transfer list that coach Ole Solskjaer proposed to Woodward in February.

That is not because Kane does not meet the criteria that Man United is looking for a striker position. Moreover, he is a quality striker model, with an amazing ability to score goals. To date, he has scored 181 goals in 278 games for Tottenham and 32 in 45 caps for England. If given the chance, Coach Solskjaer will greet him with open arms.

Harry Kane was too expensive while MU had Martial and Rashford.
Harry Kane was too expensive while MU had Martial and Rashford.

Instead, Kane is still considered by Man United because of the transfer fee up to 160 million euros. MU has enough financial resources to recruit the British striker if the budget is restructured over time. With MU, money can be better spent at other places in the squad and distributed more widely due to ongoing reconstruction.

In the coming time, MU will follow Kane back and play like a hamstring injury. Besides, coach Solskjaer will consider the impact of the loan deal Odion Ighalo – who has scored 4 goals in 8 appearances.

Tottenham is in charge of deciding Kane’s future. They have never wanted to sell the most important player in the squad, especially to a direct Premier League competitor. In addition, they were not under pressure because Kane’s contract was still valid until June 2024.

After all, for United, it all came back to the headache on the negotiating table when the other side was Daniel Levy, a famous name that is difficult to bully in transfer deals.

Everyone has their own story. In the past, Levy once sent a letter to President Steve Parish of Crystal Palace, with an offer of 17 million euros to Wilfried Zaha and was immediately rejected. At the time, the Ivory Coast striker had a great season, helping Selhurst Park to reach the 2016 FA Cup final and losing only 1-2 to MU.”

Tottenham was not discouraged and Levy began a new round of talks, inviting Crystal Palace to buy Ryan Mason. When Steve Parish asked for a price, Levy offered 16 million euros. This is a bit high, but Levy warns Crystal Palace will discount. Levy also offered another option is to exchange the British midfielder for Wilfried Zaha if Crystal Palace has financial problems. As a result, Steve Parish stopped contacting Levy and Mason to join Hull City for a mere 11 million euros.

Any contact with Kane, who signed a 6-year contract with a £ 200,000-a-week salary in June 2018, will be very difficult, even if the relationship between Woodward and Levy is very good.

But when the negotiations take place, that will be a different story. Man United will wait for him to make a statement about his desire to leave. But that is unlikely to happen at this time, or at least in the summer transfer period to 2020 here.
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