MU race Top 4: Covid-19 pandemic “saved” Man City in Champions Leauge C1 Cup?

Under the penalty that UEFA recently introduced, Man City will be banned from attending the European Cup, Champions Leauge (C1) in the next two seasons. However, things could change after the influenza pandemic of Corona Virus (Covid-19), because it seems that the Financial Equity Act is about to be suspended.

The pandemic of Covid-19 is causing serious consequences worldwide.

The Corona Virus (Covid-19) widespread is causing harsh consequences globally for Champions Leauge (C1). Not only is the number of people infected, the number of deaths increases with dizziness, but the economic consequences that humanity suffers are also extremely terrible. Football, of course, cannot escape that spiral.

Corona Virus (Covid-19) made the economic situation of the teams in serious difficulties
Corona Virus (Covid-19) made the economic situation of the teams in serious difficulties

Most leagues and teams around the world are seriously affected. Not only is it a matter of delaying the schedule, even delaying indefinitely, but the ability to make the economy also decreases to an alarming level.

For example, Man United was the team that realized the heavier consequences of Corona Virus (Covid-19) than any other team. Just over a month ago, the “Red Devil” was valued at £ 3 billion on the stock market. But since the Corona Virus (Covid-19) virus outbreak broke out, the stock price of the Old Trafford team has dropped to just over £ 9.92 / share on Monday (March 16), compared to £ 16.53. / stock at the beginning of the year. Thus, the pandemic caused MU damage 1 billion pounds on the exchange.

The same is with Juventus. Italy’s stock market slumped, leading to a sharp drop in Juventus stock. Only after the first 2 days of the week, when the Corona Virus (Covid-19) epidemic broke out in Italy, shares of “Old Lady” fell 11.74%. This caused Juve’s value to fall by 179.5 million euros (about 165 million pounds), from 1.5175 billion euros to 1.338 billion euros (down from 1.4 billion pounds to 1.23 billion pounds).

And “piece of rice” of the players also declined significantly. According to the newspaper Tuttosport, the Serie A organizers will ask the 20 clubs to take part in this tournament to cut the wages of their players in the context of the leading league in the country of pasta is still pending at least to date. 3/4 also because of the pandemic Corona Virus (Covid-19) is raging in Italy.

In the context of the gloomy financial situations that can last until the end of 2020, the Champions Leauge (C1) teams will be in extremely difficult situations. Not only do they have to reduce their salary, cut their income, but also have the risk of falling into debt due to a sharp drop in sales. And now the world of football really needs the cash flow of investment from wealthy owners, tycoons in the Middle East, China, Russia, the US or anywhere in the world.

Therefore, The Times sources revealed that the European Football Federation (UEFA) intends to suspend the effectiveness of the Financial Fair Act. In fact, UEFA is also very hungry for the money of billionaires to reactivate a frozen football background in Europe.

If UEFA suspends the Law on Financial Equity, Man City may still attend the Champions League (C1) next season
If UEFA suspends the Law on Financial Equity, Man City may still attend the Champions League (C1) next season

Planning to suspend the validity of the Financial Equity Act.?

According to this source, the European Football Federation – after consulting the decisions of the European Union (EU), is planning to suspend the effectiveness of the Financial Equity Act. Earlier, the European Union also had to suspend the validity of the Financial Rules Agreement related to the draft budget, which is expected to apply to all EU countries in 2020.

Teams with super-rich owners like Man City, PSG or backed by governments, banking systems like Real Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Bayern Munich can be happy with this information. In particular, Man City is undoubtedly the funniest team. Because it is likely that UEFA will revoke the decision to ban “Green Man” from playing in the European Cup within the next 2 seasons.

The joy of coming to Man City can also be the sadness of many other teams in the English Premier League, such as MU (Man United), Sheffield United, Tottenham, Wolves or Arsenal. These teams are hoping that when City are banned, the Champions Leauge (C1) ticket next season will be reserved for the team ranked fifth in the English Premier League. These are unpredictable developments!

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