MU is willing to spend £15 million on the Ighalo deal

The “Red Devils”, MU leadership is impressed with what the Nigerian striker, Ighalo has shown and is willing to spend money to buy this player from Shanghai Shenhua Club.

Odion Ighalo has scored 4 goals

After 8 appearances this season for Man United, Odion Ighalo has scored 4 goals. To reward the impressive performance of the Nigerian striker, the “Red Devils” management is willing to spend money to buy him off from Shanghai Shenhua Club.

According to Dailymail, £ 15 million will be the amount the Old Trafford team will have to spend in exchange for the nod of the Chinese team.

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Ighalo's performance at MU far exceeded the expectations of the leadership as well as the "Red Devils" fans.
Ighalo’s performance at MU far exceeded the expectations of the leadership as well as the “Red Devils” fans.

In the winter transfer period last year, in the context of the main striker Marcus Rashford injured and had to play long-term, coach Ole Solskjaer was forced to search for a solution to the MU attack.

The number one goal is targeted at Bournemouth King Joshua King. However, due to the tough move of the Vitality team, the mature striker from the MU training itself could not return to Old Trafford.

By the end of the transfer period, in the context of negotiated deals all falling to a standstill, the “Red Devils” were forced to divert to China with the goal of Odion Ighalo. According to British media, the negotiation process only takes about 15 minutes, and the Nigerian striker even moved to MU without medical examination.

Ighalo joined the team with much skepticism and criticism from the fans. However, the dedication and professional attitude of the player is helping him to score points in the eyes of the famous fastidious United fans.

After 8 matches, the Nigerian striker had 4 goals. From a situational contract, Ighalo is becoming a strategic reserve card in the hands of coach Solskjaer.

Ighalo’s contract with MU is valid until the end of May 2020. In the context of the Premier League being suspended until at least April 30, many people worry that the Nigerian striker will not be able to end the season with the team and must soon return to China.

However, with the latest move of the “Red Devils” leadership, Ighalo was able to be somewhat assured of his future at Old Trafford.

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Ighalo’s reward terms at Man Utd have been revealed

The Nigerian striker accepted to reduce his salary to play “Red Devil”, but the Old Trafford team also compensated him with bonuses depending on the achievement.

Joining Man United from Shanghai Shenhua on loan in the winter transfer window, Odion Ighalo became the first Nigerian player to play for Old Trafford. He also soon showed himself in the new team shirt with 4 goals after 8 matches.

According to The Sun, the striker accepted a 40% reduction in the salary of 327,000 euros a week received in China to return to the foggy country. However, in a contract signed with Man United, the club added a bonus clause depending on Ighalo’s performance.

Ighalo can be rewarded with an official contract at Man United..
Ighalo can be rewarded with an official contract at Man United..

The former Watford striker will receive 9,800 euros for each Premier League win he plays and 3,300 euros for each draw. In addition, Ighalo also received 8,700 euros for each goal scored. To date, the Nigerian has received nearly 35,000 euros thanks to this provision.

Rookie Man United also receive a big reward for helping the Old Trafford team win tickets to the Champions League next season. Currently, the army of coach Ole Solskjaer ranks 5th in the Premier League rankings.

In the past, Man United paid more than 16,000 euros for each goal of stars like Zlatan Ibrahimovic or Alexis Sanchez. The duo has left Old Trafford. Ibrahimovic moved to AC Milan after playing in the US Professional League (MLS). Meanwhile, Sanchez is still struggling to find a foothold in Inter Milan.

Odion Ighalo is considered a timely addition of coach Solskjaer in the context of Marcus Rashford suffering from back and ankle injuries. The striker born in 1989 played beyond expectations and was a favorite of the Norwegian strategist to split fire with Anthony Martial.
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