MU – Inter Bored Sanchez: £23k/Min. To The Pitch, Scoring 1 Goal!

It’s unbelievable that the last chapter of Alexis Sanchez ‘s career was so miserable. From MU to Inter Milan, the Chilean striker is just a “debt burdens” – nothing more, nothing less.

MU – Inter bored Sanchez: £23k/min. to the pitch, scoring 1 goal!

In January 2018, United changed with Arsenal the Henrikh Mkhitaryan – Alexis Sanchez deal. Many believe that MU grabs a bargain, by that time the Chilean striker can be bought for 80, even 90 million pounds. And that is also the reason for the Old Trafford team to accept to pay a huge salary of £ 500,000 / week for this player.

Sanchez failed at MU
Sanchez failed at MU

The Chilean star was expected a lot at MU but did not show commensurate with that expectation. Up to the time of joining Inter Milan, Sanchez played 45 matches, including 31 kicks with a total of 2,777 minutes for the “Red Devils”, but only scored 5 goals and 9 assists. On average, every 198.4 minutes, he contributed a shoe mark to a goal and 556.2 minutes to record only 1 goal.

According to calculations by Sports Mail, MU had to pay Sanchez a total of £ 41 million. Calculated, “Red Devils” cost 911,111 pounds for each striker born in 1988. Even each goal of this player costs up to 8.2 million pounds.

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But now, Sanchez is not only a loser at MU, but even when he came to Inter Milan in the hope of saving his career, the former Arsenal striker was just a “debt”. Up to before the great match of Juventus – Inter Milan, the number of minutes Sanchez played in Serie A was 186 minutes. In addition, Sanchez played 67 minutes in the Champions League, 180 minutes in the Europa League and 3 appearances in Coppa Italia.

And to have the service of this player, Inter has to pay 4.3 million pounds of a loan fee, at the same time bear a salary of 200,000 pounds/week, and MU pay 300,000 pounds note. Therefore, the Daily Mail estimates, after “minus the first minus the tail”, Inter Milan must pay 22,000 pounds for every minute Sanchez present on the pitch (equivalent to 667 million).

But after spending such a small amount of money, what did Inter Milan get back from Alexis Sanchez? With a total of 597 minutes played, Sanchez contributed only 1 goal and 2 assists for Antonio Conte’s army. This is indeed a very limited number compared to Conte’s expectations of the 31-year-old.

The same with Inter Milan
The same with Inter Milan

The contract between MU and Inter Milan has a clause to buy Alexis Sanchez for £ 17.5 million. However, a source of Daily Mail confirmed, Inter will not activate this definitive purchase clause. Instead, the Italian team will get rid of this player on Old Trafford, returned to the host team MU.

According to Sports Mail, the issue of Alexis Sanchez‘s future is being seriously considered by the MU elite. “Red Devils” are undergoing purification, and the “remnants” of the Jose Mourinho period – those who do not fit the Solskjaer’s philosophy are likely to be liquidated. And so, although Inter paid Sanchez back to MU, Vice Chairman Ed Woodward will still look for another dock for Alexis Sanchez.
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