MU “Hunts” Aubameyang, Dream “Van Persie 2.0”

Odion Ighalo is hoping to activate MU buy-off terms. However, it is possible that this position will be reserved for Aubameyang – the striker is thinking about leaving Arsenal.

MU “hunts” Aubameyang, dream “Van Persie 2.0” racing Liverpool – Man City

Legendary Paul Merson in an interview with Sky Sports said: “MU always yearn for someone to score 20 to 25 goals for them. That’s what Aubameyang can do. If MU buy Grealish, they will be even more formidable with Bruno Fernandes playing right behind the striker. Look at the way Manchester United played against Man City a few weeks ago. I think they are a very good team.

Martial, Greenwood and Rashford are all potential, but not enough
Martial, Greenwood and Rashford are all potential, but not enough

Indeed this is the “right place” of MU. This season, strikers Marcus Rashford and Anthony Martial both played better than they were last season. However, that is still not enough for MU to think beyond the top-four race. This is the best season for both Rashford and Martial, but Rashford has 14 goals and Martial is 11 goals in the English Premier League.

Another statistic will make MU fans heartbreaking. Since Robin van Persie in the 2012/13 season until now, MU has not had any more strikers scoring 20 goals in the Premier League or more. In the past 7 seasons, the achievements of MU‘s top scorer in the English Premier League are Rooney (17 goals – 2013/14 season and 12 goals 2014/15 season), Martial (11 season goals). 2015/16), Ibrahimovic (17 goals, 2016/17), Lukaku (16 goals, 2017/18), Pogba (13 goals, 2018/19).

The above figures are the clearest evidence that MU needs to recruit a killer striker – who can regularly score 20 goals or more each season. Only so “Red Devils” would like to return to the championship race. And maybe Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang is all MU needs now.

Arriving at Arsenal in January 2018, Gabon still managed to score 10 goals in the English Premier League after only 13 games in the first half of the season, wet feet to England. The following season, Aubameyang immediately became the top scorer, equaling Sadio Mane and Mohamed Salah with 22 goals.

This season, Aubameyang is also fiercely competing for the title of a top scorer with 17 goals, inferior to the lead by Jamie Vardy (19 goals) and more than any other name.

Fortunately for MU, Aubameyang himself is considering leaving Arsenal. The British Sports Mail newspaper further revealed that Aubameyang desires to receive a more attractive profit than the current £ 200,000 / week. In England at this time, MU is the “unmatched” team in terms of bonuses. Therefore, it is not surprising that the Premier League scorer 2018/19 wants to join the Old Trafford team.

4 “blockbuster” MU landing, super squad 684 million euros revealed

With what was invested, Solskjaer could not complain that he lacked the support of the team. Since taking power at Old Trafford, the Norwegian strategist has used about 240 million euros to bring in rookies Harry Maguire, Aaron Wan-Bissaka, Daniel James, Bruno Fernandes and Odion Ighalo.

Team 684 million euros of MU 2020/21 season (according to AS)
Team 684 million euros of MU 2020/21 season (according to AS)

Around the beginning of the season, MU really had difficulties. They constantly grapple in the Top 4 race and the sliding class compared to Man City and Liverpool. Meanwhile, coach Solskjaer quickly turned into suspicion.

Fortunately for the Norwegian army, the MU leadership has proved more patient than previous times. Coach Solskjaer was given extra time and he proved to be a good turnaround.

The contracts that Solskjaer brought back gradually to promote efficiency. At the end of the season, MU sublimated with poise, full of energy and is maintaining the 11-match unbeaten circuit (scored 29 goals and only conceded 2 goals).

After the clear positive signals, “Red Devils” are having the opportunity to raise 2 titles at the end of the season (FA Cup and Europa League), as well as reaching the Top 4 is entirely feasible.

According to AS sources, Solskjaer’s coach’s confidence level is rising very high. Therefore, it will not be surprising if the “Red Devils” again broke the summer transfer market to bring back more blockbusters.

The super squad of 684 million euros revealed

Specifically, with the calculations on the AS sheet, MU can build a new squad worth up to 684 million euros. Accordingly, if 4 goals become reality including Koulibaly, Sancho, Haaland, Maddison, MU will have a super offensive lineup, hard to match.

MU "Hunts" Aubameyang, Dream "Van Persie 2.0"
There will be new elements arriving at Old Trafford

All new additions will be coming to the key positions of the team. Specifically, Koulibaly will be the most suitable factor to be paired with Maguire in the center of the position. To increase the creative power of public goods, James Maddison is an ideal choice next to Bruno Fernandes.

Meanwhile, Jadon Sancho is targeted as a winger that brings a lot of mutations. Finally, striker Erling Haaland is the most appropriate choice to hold the center position of the plug.

But in the 4 names mentioned, the former student of Solskjaer – striker Haaland is the most difficult to reach. Because Haaland has just joined Dortmund in the winter transfer period of 2020.

However, in case of replacement with a different name, MU can still accomplish the purpose. It is to build a dream squad to raise hopes of returning to the golden age next season.
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