MU: Fernandes Explained The “Troll” Pep

Midfielder Bruno Fernandes has shared about the silent gesture with Pep Guardiola in the Manchester derby recently.

MU: Fernandes explained the “troll” Pep, where is the mad begin?

The situation took place in the second half of the match between MU and Man City in the 29 English Premier League on 8/3. When the ball went out, Pep Guardiola took a difficult action when throwing the ball over Fernandes’s head. The former Sporting player immediately responded. He jerked his chin, challenging Pep Guardiola in the eyes of tens of thousands of spectators at Old Trafford.

MU: Fernandes Explained The "Troll" Pep
Action causes a verbal battle between Fernandes and Guardiola

Fernandes also brought his hand to his mouth and signaled silence with Pep. This is considered the most impressive action of this rookie since arriving at MU. Explaining the above action, Fernandes said that he was angered by his opponent: “I talked to some friends. Some people might think who I am to act like that with someone like Pep. But I think the story here is respect. ”

“Now that I’ve calmed down, I think I wouldn’t do it if I went back in time. But at the time, what he told me drove me crazy. On the pitch, I am not an easy player to keep calm. I respect Pep for what he did for football, but then he didn’t respect me. At that time, he didn’t deserve respect from me, ”Fernandes said.

In the Manchester derby above, Fernandes continued to shine with an assist to help Anthony Martial score the opening goal, contributing to the 2-0 victory of the home team. Last night, he continued to impress with the assist for Ighalo scoring in MU’s 5-0 win over LASK in the first leg of the round of 16 Europa League team.

When asked about Fernandes’ actions with Guardola, coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer said: “We need such a character here, right here at this club. We have learned a lot through the hardships this season. As a young team, we are looking forward to what we believe in and Bruno has helped a lot with that path. ”

Pogba caught the attention and cheered against Covid-19 in an extreme way

In the context of leading football tournaments to be postponed until early next month, fans will notice what the players do on social networks. Recently, midfielder Paul Pogba of MU has shown the quality of “comedy” on social networks with a call to prevent the Covid-19 pandemic very “following the trend” but it also shows its own characteristics.

MU: Fernandes Explained The "Troll" Pep
Pogba posted on his personal Twitter page

Accordingly, Pogba used his dance “Dab” to call for people to fight together. The French midfielder posted a brand-name dance online with the image depicting: “We all need to be ready for the Corona virus. Do dab when you cough. Dab when you sneeze and dab to defeat the virus. ” Along with that, the player born in 1993 has built-in hashtag # COVID19 and links to the official website of the World Health Ministry.

Remember that the Pogba-style dab is also associated with the prevention of Covid-19. When doing this, an arm will cover the face and mouth, in accordance with the advice from the World Health Ministry that it is necessary to cover the mouth when coughing or sneezing to prevent the virus from spreading. Anyway, this is also very interesting and humorous propaganda from Pogba.

This fun of Pogba can be considered a positive thing for MU. The attitude of the French midfielder has changed compared to the past when the media revealed he wanted to commit the future in the Old Trafford shirt. Many sources said that Pogba is eager to play for the “Red Devils” and join rookie Bruno Fernandes in midfield.
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