MU does not need a football director because of Ole Solskjaer!

MU has been looking for a football manager for the past 2 years. However, now this plan is no longer important because they fully trust coach Ole Solskjaer.

The transfer of MU used to be the aspect that promotes the proposal of appointing a football manager under coach Jose Mourinho in the summer of 2018. However, this role has not been mentioned in the past 6 months. 

MU is on the right track under the coach of Ole Solskjaer.

In other clubs, the football director or the sports director is often very influential and is responsible for the transferor of the job of finding new coaches. Yet, Man United is not looking for a football director to be in charge of this role.

Man United’s club structure is very different. Basically, the position of head coach Ole Solskjaer is paramount and the club wants him to take power at a level asymptotic to Sir Alex Ferguson in the past.

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MU is on the right track under the coach of Ole Solskjaer.
MU is on the right track under the coach of Ole Solskjaer.

Coach Solskjaer is backed by MU

The communication between coach Solskjaer and Executive Vice President Ed Woodward will always be direct rather than mediated. Their relationship is described as “very important”. Woodward takes decisive authority in appointing and dismissing the coach. He was the one who the Glazer absolutely trusted, even though David Moyes, Louis van Gaal, and Mourinho had come and gone.

Of course, the expensive price of signing and liquidating contracts will be scrutinized. That is why many in the football industry feel that Man United will benefit from the consistency in choosing the player a football manager must make.

That’s the argument of Luis Campos, football manager at Lille Club, in an interview with Sky Sports in October. Campos bought and sold names like Fabinho, Bernardo Silva, Thomas Lemar, Anthony Martial, Nicolas Pepe, and worked with Mourinho at Real Madrid. Incidentally, he was also contacted by MU last year.

The reputation of the football director will influence and identify new contracts. Meanwhile, MU negotiated with Antero Henrique, who brought Kylian Mbappe to PSG. At the same time, Man United is also said to have talked with former Everton football director Steve Walsh, former Tottenham transfer director Paul Mitchell, Red Bull’s head of sports and development – Ralf Rangnick, Stuart Webber. of Norwich City, and former goalkeeper Edwin van der Sar – currently executive director at Ajax. Similarly, Rio Ferdinand, Patrice Evra, Nemanja Vidic and Darren Fletcher were also considered for the football director position by Man United.

Ed Woodward has acknowledged the benefits that can be made to senior leadership by appointing the position of "in charge of football".
Ed Woodward has acknowledged the benefits that can be made to senior leadership by appointing the position of “in charge of football”.

MU had to delegate responsibility for the football and transfer team, add data analysis layers, and expand the scope for the comments. It is at a stage where the two sides will clearly show their position. The side in charge of MU football is coach Ole Solskjaer and assistant Mike Phelan. The transfer team includes Marcel Bout (head of the global recruiting department), Mick Court (head of recruiting engineering) and Jim Lawlor (head of scouts).

Meanwhile, Simon Wells is said to be scouting of Solskjaer‘s own coach and makes an impact. In addition, Stephen Brown’s role also became important as the lead of recruitment activities. At this point, Brown is at the intersection of scout and science, heading to the team to use data measurements.

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This was a robust development compared to the on-site scouting system when Lawlor came knocking on Sir Alex’s door to ask for Henrik Larsson in 2007. It showed a lot of personal and instinctive judgment,  not necessarily supported by the big data source, although Larsson is an experienced player.

Now, goals are tied to visibility and statistics. Even the latest MU contract, Odion Ighalo (on loan) is also decided by coach Solskjaer and the transfer department. This structure of Man United shows the ambition to establish a consistent player profile behind the coach.

Coach Ole Solskjaer is the football director of MU

If the numbers don’t overlap, the right will be decided by Woodward to convey the message. In the past, Woodward has been said to have told Mourinho that the central defender’s purchase request was not appropriate. This is in contrast to the story that has appeared since the Portuguese strategist’s departure. He was even opposed to the idea of ​​appointing a football manager while in office at MU.

Woodward’s appointment remains the same, regardless of the coach’s identity or any new appointment. His involvement in football can continue to be seen. He went to Carrington, met Jude Bellingham and the family of the Birmingham midfielder in March.

Previously, he and Ole Solskjaer coach went to Salzburg to speak directly with Erling Haaland in December 2019. In addition, he gave Bournemouth CEO Neill Blake about 15 minutes to consider the final proposal of striker Joshua King.

MU missed the opportunity to recruit Erling Haaland in the last winter transfer of 2020.

Many believe that MU will still benefit from the appointment of an experienced football manager at the club, to take full advantage of the network and contract information. Matt Judge negotiates with the representatives daily and has built a solid reputation in the 6 years since joining Man United thanks to the corporate finance career.

The Judge arranges the work according to the lists made by the transfer team, presenting the financial reality of each goal before participating in negotiations with the clubs and player representatives. Normally, he conducts many contracts to go to the final step, giving MU more options.

However, many people will feel Man United can operate faster on the transfer market as in the case of Bruno Fernandes. The appointment of an experienced football director in a role to gather information about player availability and contract terms will be beneficial.

Also in the last January 2020 transfer period, MU was said to be unaware of the terms of Takumi Minamino’s £ 7.25 million release, so did not compete with Liverpool. Obviously those details can come from anywhere, even from accidental conversations with former colleagues.

MU's contracts under coach Ole Solskjaer have so far been effective.
MU’s contracts under coach Ole Solskjaer have so far been effective.

Like Sir Alex, coach Solskjaer has thought about the bigger picture. All can be sure he will be responsible and the contracts will fit into a uniform format. The debate will occur if he leaves. At that time, will the new Man United coach have a comprehensive approach as a Norwegian strategist?

MU confirmed the current system to bring stability to the players, the new coach changes the whole squad is only a thing of the past. This is why they are no longer determined to appoint a technical director with a role that has been understood so far.

The recent contracts of MU are positive and effective. All 5 rookies under Coach Ole Solskjaer are making an impression and are almost irreplaceable. That emphasizes Man United has a football director is coach Solskjaer.