Racing top 4 Premier League: MU benefits, Chelsea worried

Manchester United has just extended the loan agreement for striker Odion Ighalo until January 2021. That allows “Red Devils” confidence in the existing force in the race of the top 4 Premier League with Chelsea and other teams.

Manchester United are ready for the encounter with Chelsea

Only 2 weeks away, the Premier League will return. The teams are busy preparing for the sprint stage, with 9 rounds and 92 unfinished matches. After many months of interruption, the teams are very eager and the training sessions are carefully prepared.

MU benefits, Chelsea worried
Rashford and Pogba are ready to return

Manchester United is probably the most eager team. Before the Premier League can play again, the “Red Devils” are always afraid that the tournament will be canceled. At this time, the red half of Manchester is ready to overthrow Chelsea, leveling the gap of 3 points to thereby win tickets to the Champions League next season.

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In particular, MU forces have the best news. The duo pillars Paul Pogba and Marcus Rashford have completely recovered from injury, training again with the first team. With these two stars supporting, the army of coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer promises to accelerate even more strongly.

the giants are gradually falling into a passive position

In the group of giants, only Tottenham is benefiting in terms of force along with Manchester United. Son Heung Min and Harry Kane are also ready to play again. And Jose Mourinho’s army promises to make a final goal with good results.

MU benefits, Chelsea worried
Tottenham welcomed Son Heung Min and Harry Kane back

Contrary to Manchester United, Chelsea is the most worried team. Their position can be overcome by the rear teams at any time. The pressure is already great, moreover, the forces of the West London team also have problems. The trio Willian, Pedro, Giroud is about to leave in the free form as of July 1. Meanwhile, Kante may be off the season for fear of the Covid-19 epidemic.

Like Chelsea, other competitors are also at risk of losing people. In the squad 11 most outstanding names in the Premier League but the contract is about to expire, Manchester United does not contribute any name, Chelsea contributes 3 people, Leicester contributes 2 people, Sheffield 2 players, Tottenham also has 1 representative.

Clubs now face the risk of staff shortage. Because there will be many players who expire on June 30 with their host club. The anxiety of the Premier League is also the common concern of many other tournaments in Europe and around the world.

Recently, the World Football Federation (FIFA) announced that it will find a way to solve the problem, which can extend the playing time until the season ends with the players will expire on June 30, evening. Most clubs can be extended for 1 more month, ie to 31/7.

However, Premier League clubs have been told that labor laws in the UK will be higher than any urgent FIFA deal or solution.

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