MU Aims “Neymar England” Jadon Sancho: The Heir To The No.7 Shirt

11 years after Ronaldo came to Real Madrid, MU still aching to find someone who can “fit” in the number 7 shirt. After having failed with many stars, “Red Devil” is aiming for a name: Jadon Sancho.

MU aims “Neymar England” Jadon Sancho: The heir to the No.7 shirt & Ronaldo’s throne

In Dortmund’s 2-1 victory over the rich PSG, all praise was given to Erling Haaland. But to have a brilliant Haaland, it is a system of satellites operating at full capacity. Among the links that play the best with Haaland and outstanding in the attack of Dortmund, Jadon Sancho‘s performance is also highly appreciated.

MU Aims "Neymar England" Jadon Sancho: The Heir To The No.7 Shirt
Sancho and Haaland are the brightest stars of Dortmund

Before Haaland arrived and created a terrible media effect, Jadon Sancho was the present and future of Dortmund. In fact, the success of the Ruhr black gold team up to this point is to integrate Haaland into the existing system, with Sancho as an important creative source.

Jadon Sancho is praised for its speed, technique and ability to finish. The youngster can play well on either side of the corridor but is also ready to play a number 9 if needed. Therefore, this young player is considered an upgraded version of Raheem Sterling at his age. And because of this, the British media called Sancho “Neymar England”.

The Daily Mail confirms coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is interested in Jordan Sancho and wants to turn this pearl of English football into the “new Ryan Giggs” of MU. Therefore, the Old Trafford team is willing to spend up to 80 million pounds – the fee equal to the Ronaldo Golden Ball – the world transfer record in 2009, to have the service of the player will turn 20 on the day 3/25 here.

Remember in the new period of leading MU, Sir Alex was very successful when turning Giggs – then a young player of the Manchester City training furnace, became the mainstay of MU, making an important contribution to the history chapter. The club’s most heroic. And coach Solskjaer also wants a “Ryan Giggs” of his own. Of course, that is Jadon Sancho – a product of the Man City training period from 2015 – 2017, when this player was aged 15-17.

Sancho is ready to go to MU?
Sancho is ready to go to MU?

According to calculations by the Center for International Sports Research (CIES Football Observatory), Jadon Sancho is currently the 5th highest valued player in the world, estimated at 145 million pounds, only after Kylian Mbappe (£ 203 million), Mohamed Salah (£ 200 million), Raheem Sterling (£ 190 million) and Lionel Messi (£ 153 million).

When Dortmund brought Erling Haaland to Signal Iduna Park, they all believed that the German team was preparing for their best breakup star – Jadon Sancho. That preparation is succeeding beyond the imagination of the upper class in Dortmund. Therefore, if MU can spend a convincing figure, Sancho will be repatriated.

It was 11 years after Ronaldo left MU and joined Real Madrid. Since then, many players have been given the No. 7 shirt at Old Trafford. From Owen, Valencia, Di Maria, Depay to Sanchez, no one satisfies the manucians. All the focus of MU is now for Sancho, and if the blockbuster deal is completed, “Red Devil” promises to find a new Ronaldo in his 20s.
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