Extremely Hot C1 Cup: Mourinho Lost 32-Year-Old Coach

Tottenham officially became the second runner-up, while the “phenomenon” Atalanta continues to impress in the series of second leg rounds of the Champions League. The British media used harsh words to criticize Tottenham and coach Jose Mourinho after the defeat in the second leg.

Tottenham tragic loss to the C1 Cup

Fans expect the 1-0 loss in the first round of the Champions League 1/8 round to motivate Tottenham to play better in the march to RB Leipzig. However, the army led by Jose Mourinho also showed a more frail face when receiving a 0-3 defeat, thereby becoming a former runner-up.

The English press is concerned for Mourinho's future after Tottenham were eliminated from the Champions League
The English press is concerned for Mourinho’s future after Tottenham were eliminated from the Champions League

After the match, the British media simultaneously pointed the nose for criticism at Tottenham with extremely heavy words. The Daily Mail commented that no miracle had happened, no impressive comeback in Germany, nor a miraculous comeback in the second half. Tottenham lost in the worst possible way. Even, this page affirms “the pressure on Mourinho’s chair is getting bigger after the shameful defeat on German soil”.

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Meanwhile, The Sun blamed goalkeeper Hugo Lloris and said that two-thirds of the goals that Tottenham must receive stem from the definitive defeats of the French superstar.

Mirror newspaper reported pictures of coach Mourinho and his students left the field, accompanied by an apology to Tottenham fans of Dele Alli for Tottenham suffered heavy losses in force but we can not take that as a reason. They still had a good squad, they can swim upstream but they can’t. He is sorry for the fans who went to Germany.

Goal page launched a series of embarrassing statistics of Mourinho but also expressed sympathy with “The Special One” in the context, Tottenham lacks many pillars like Harry Kane, Son Heung Min. They said that Mourinho had just suffered the most severe defeat in his C1 career, losing 3 matches in a row for the first time and going through the longest series of no wins (6 matches, 4 losses – 2 losses). The club was also the second most conceded club in the Premier League.

Now the London representative is facing a tough battle for Champions League qualification. Mourinho is struggling to get good outcomes with a squad destroyed by injury and out of faith.

The Sun, The Guardian blamed goalkeeper Lloris
The Sun, The Guardian blamed goalkeeper Lloris
Mirror posted Ali's apology to Tottenham fans after an embarrassing defeat
Mirror posted Ali’s apology to Tottenham fans after an embarrassing defeat

Mourinho lost 32-year-old coach, “dark horse” Atalanta hit raging


Failure 0-1 in the first leg is not a too big difference, so Tottenham is full of determination when marching to RB Leipzig in the return leg of the 1/8 Champions League

However, the ambition of Mourinho’s teachers and students was bounced off “cold water” with a goal lost in the 10th minute thanks to the work of Marcel Sabitzer

Before he could recover, “The Rooster” received another goal in the 21st minute. The captain of Leipzig – Sabitzer was still the one who put his name on the scoreboard.

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For the rest of the time, Tottenham displayed a soulless, disjointed play. Ali, Lamela and Lo Celso were completely helpless against the solid defensive “wall” of Leipzig


In the 87th minute, Emil Forsberg completed a jubilant 3-0 victory for the Bundesliga representative

Mourinho was blank on the training bench. 0-3 is his worst defeat in the Champions League since April 2013 (Real lost to Dortmund 1-4)

Meanwhile, Tottenham officially became the second runner-up with a 0-4 defeat after 2 matches

In another match within the second round of the round, Valencia and Atalanta must play on Mestalla without an audience due to the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic

However, the match was full of goals. In the first half, Josip Ilicic scored two goals on the spot, alternating between Kevin Gameiro’s goal on the Valencia side.

Entering the second half, Valencia scored 2 more goals but Ilicic – in a sublimated day, completed the poker game, helping Atalanta win 4-3 at the end (8-4 after 2 matches).
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