Mourinho Bogged Down At Tottenham:How “Pogba’s Path” Make Obsess?

Jose Mourinho stepped on his footsteps at MU when the dark art continued to make him miserable at Tottenham.

Mourinho bogged down in Tottenham

A fan wrote bitterly on Twitter about Mourinho: Tottenham turned Mourinho’s “three-year syndrome” into “three-month syndrome”. It has only been around 3 months since Mourinho had an official match against Spurs but the “Special One” is really in the same situation as he was at MU. Objective issues exist, but that is not necessarily the reason Mourinho seems to be more deplorable than at the present time.

Discontent is always evident in Mourinho
Discontent is always evident in Mourinho

Speaking after the loss to RB Leipzig, Mourinho said that he was “only optimistic” before the match because he knew that Tottenham with the current force would be difficult to turn the tables. Dele Alli said that the Tottenham player “lost his morale”, criticized some of his team-mates “not showing morale”. Alli is a striker in front of Leipzig, a Spurs locomotive at the present time, and is this statement too much? This “blame culture”, he probably learned from his respected teacher.

It is a cruel fact that Mourinho did not help Tottenham mentally stronger when he arrived in North London. A Tottenham can score two goals in the last minute to kick Ajax out of the Champions League and the royal road to the final last season, something that could only be created by Pochettino, a master who knows how to inspire fire and create a trust for the players. football player. And Mourinho, what did he do?

He made Tanguy Ndombele his target, just like what happened to Paul Pogba at MU when he once called Pogba a “virus that causes illness” after a bowling match. British newspapers called Ndombele “scapegoat” of Mourinho is not wrong, but it shows Mourinho is abusing the “dark art” as he used to Luke Shaw, Paul Pogba, Eden Hazard or Iker Casillas. This is enough to make people question the return to his top coach.

A negative atmosphere, damaging players on the bench, killing him, blaming everything … is the image that makes a “special” Mourinho. Unfortunately, there is no room for this style at the present time. The problem is that Mourinho doesn’t maintain that power with titles. Football is always a story of achievement As the performance on the field continues to decline, the next scapegoat of the team owners may be the Portuguese coach.

This made Mourinho “reduce” the special, making him become blame rather than pity. In the age of social networking, of Industry 4.0, football is not outside that spin. Mouri nho with the old ways of dealing with people, it will probably be difficult to be close to a team for a long time.

For most of his career, Mouri nho has always received trust and admiration from the famous presidents of the clubs. Only when things started to get worse, Florentino Perez, Roman Abramovich or Ed Woodward had to make a final decision, saying goodbye to Mourinho to keep the dressing room in peace. Now, how long will Mouri nho stay at Tottenham until President Levy feels the need to act?
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