World Motorbike Racing: A historical reunion: F1 and MotoGP

(Racing news) Preparations for the motorbike race in the Netherlands, which took place in early May 2020, are entering the sprint phase. With the motorbike structure adjustments, the organizers hope to bring an exciting event. In addition, two outstanding individuals of the two leading racing modes had an interesting day at Ricardo Tormo racecourse, Valencia.

Zandvoort transformed himself back in history

The Netherlands will officially return to F1 for the first time since 1985 in early May and the famous Zandvoort race is being upgraded to prepare for this important motorbike event. In the latest updated photos of the current construction process, more than 4 months prior to the event, two unique steep bends are being erected along with an improvement in the outside run-off area. the track, as well as the paddock area in the pit.

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Zandvoort motorbike  racing is undergoing an upgrade to service the race

The last bend is Arie Luyendijkbocht, after the name of the twice Dutch Indy500 champion Arie Luyendyk, which is designed to be inclined to the right.

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This allows the vehicles to cross over here faster to reach the starting line at the starting/destination line at a higher speed, opening up the opportunity to attack and overtake in crabs 1. Hugenholtzbocht (hairpin crab 4) the same left-leaning slope design, which leads to a high-speed stretch of road to Scheivlak 8, is another opportunity to surpass. The work is expected to be completed in February.

Dutch sports director GP – and former F1 driver Jan Lammers said: “With these adjustments, the Zandvoort racetrack has become the most challenging but also the most beautiful race track in Europe, even is in the world. With a starting point at Zandvoort and a speed sports lover, I feel proud of this new race. ”

The late FIA ​​race director Charlie Whiting visited the racetrack in September 2018 to check the evaluation with an Italian intermediary, Studio Dromo, in charge of the upgrade. In addition to the two notable bends, they also plan to expand the paddock area, open the tunnel under the track and the new run-off gravel area. Let’s look forward to a completely new look of Zandvoort in May.

The “swap” of the decade between numbers 44 and 46

The image is somewhat in contrast to what we often see

The two legends of the two leading 2-wheel and 4-wheel motorbike race formats had the opportunity to compete together at Ricardo Tormo, Valencia on December 9 last. The ‘representative’ for MotoGP is ‘The Doctor’ Valentino Rossi and on the F1 side is Hamilton.

The two excellent individuals have a total of 15 world championships, with Hamilton being 6 and Rossi being 9, including 7 of the highest formula championship MotoGP. Rossi tried on the 2017 Mercedes W08 champion and Hamilton drove a Yamaha MotoGP YZR-M1 in 2019, which was used by ‘The Doctor’ himself at the last race in Valencia almost a month ago.

This is Hamilton’s first time running on a MotoGP motorbike though he is no stranger to motorbike racing. The British driver owns a number of cars for himself and last year at the Jerez racetrack, he had the same experience with the two drivers of the WSBK Michael van der Mark and Alex Lowes.

Rossi has experienced F1 cars, but the last time was 9 years ago, the time when he won the last championship to date. More specifically, he impressed the legendary Michael Schumacher in 2002 during a Ferrari test.

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Rossi marched with Hamilton on a Yamaha YZR-M1

On a fine day at Ricardo Tormo, the two of them competed to find out who had a better performance on a car that wasn’t their forte. They took the time to get to know the car, the racing line and the style that ran through every bend.

And the class of the world’s top riders is shown when both don’t take too long to master the car after receiving each other’s suggestions, instructions and exchanges. From there they began the test of time.

And the end result is quite surprising when Rossi is only 1.5 seconds slower than Hamilton’s achievement in F1 cars and Hamilton is 4 seconds slower on Yamaha M1 cars.

“This car is not easy to drive, I had a slight slip but kept the car undamaged. I learned more through each run but this is still a difficult challenge. It was great to see Valentino in the F1 car. I was happy for him, discovering the car for the first time, just like I was running the F1 car for the first time… ”Hamilton said.

A memorable day for LH44 and VR46 teams

Rossi added: “I am a fan of Lewis and we are getting closer today. We had a great day where two of the highest modes of racing not only met but also worked together. I feel like an F1 driver today, and I don’t want it to end. I also ran a YZR-M1 with Lewis on the road, it was indeed a ‘golden’ moment that I was proud to share my passion with”

Rossi also assessed Valencia as a difficult race to master and that day was also a windy day, causing a lot of difficulties especially for Lewis, but steering wheel  44 handled too well and achieved results like Italy.

The two motorbike riders had a fun and memorable day, they will continue to take the next rest days before turning their focus to the 2020 season, the time will probably be the last year before Rossi retired at the age of 41. As for Hamilton, he will aim for the 7 motorbike world championships that the legendary Schumacher holds, a milestone that all F1 riders want to reach.