Monaco Defeated Real 16 Years Ago: The Great Feat Of Deschamps’ Team

“We have 90 minutes at Louis II. Perhaps the goal that shortened the score to 2-4 in Fernando Morientes’ will open the opportunity for Monaco. So you wait for us to work and will see the final results, “Didier Deschamps coach confidently said after the quarterfinal quarter-final the first leg of the Champions League 2003/04.

Monaco Defeated Real 16 Years Ago

And it is true that what he promises has become a reality.

Exactly 16 years ago, Monaco rocked Europe with a 3-1 victory over Real Madrid by Luis Figo, Ronaldo, David Beckham, Raul Gonzalez, Zinedine Zidane… It was Monaco‘s most glorious feat in the calendar season. 2003/04 when Deschamps pulled Monaco into the final with an extremely fiery but effective game. Scoring the most goals (27 goals), DeschampsMonaco became a true Champions League phenomenon in 2003/04. By the previous two seasons, they were completely absent from the European playground.

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Remember that season, Deschamps was only 35 years old and in his hands, there was no prominent star, just an average group with both “waste” like Morientes (borrowed from Real), Prso (back later) time for Ajaccio to borrow), Hugo Ibarra (borrowed from Porto). In addition, there are a series of young talents in the age of nineteen-twenties such as Patrice Evra, Sebastien Squillaci, Gael Givet, Emmanuel Adebayor or a few players who began to assert talent such as Jerome Rothen, Shabani Nonda, Ludovic Giuly, Jaroslav Plasil.

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Losing 2-4 in the first leg, but Monaco (left) still surpassed the mighty Real with a 3-1 victory in the second leg
Losing 2-4 in the first leg, but Monaco (left) still surpassed the mighty Real with a 3-1 victory in the second leg

However, the army has written a fairy journey, imprinted with an unbelievable 8-3 victory over Deportivo and a series of vital matches with the giants in Europe, especially Real in the quarterfinals. Despite the great play, they still lost 2-4 at the Bernabeu in the first leg when the opponent was superior in class. “We had nothing to lose then. Being eliminated by the Zidane, Raul, Figo, Ronaldo is nothing to blame, “Squillaci remembers the match at the Bernabeu.

The second leg, the turning point happened when Giuly successfully volleyed after a header from Morientes at the time of the second minute of injury time for the first half of the first half. scored the lead to 2-1. Only one more table, miracles will appear. And in the 66th minute, Ibarra and Giuly worked together to make the French player flick his heel to score the third goal for Monaco. “The better team won. I used to live in this moment with Bordeaux against Milan in 1996. But now I’m on the losing side. You must know how to lower your head, accept defeat. Congratulations to Didier and the students, ”Zidane later admitted.

Those who have previously said that defeating Real at Louis II is an impossible task for Monaco then can only say: “A wonderful night”. Everything is really too magical. Only regret that a strenuous, attacking and youthful Monaco was collapsing in front of a cruel and pragmatic Porto of Mourinho in the last match.

2003/04 is the season of French football

In addition to Monaco, French football in the 2003/04 season also reaped success with four representatives who reached at least the quarter-finals of the European Cup. The Champions League has Lyon, Monaco and the UEFA Cup: Bordeaux and Marseille. After that, Monaco and Marseille won the right to play in the final and then lost respectively Porto in the Champions League and Valencia in the UEFA Cup.

16 – Fernando Morientes (9 goals) and Dado Prso (7 goals) contributed 16/27 goals to Monaco in the Champions League 2003/04. They also became the top two goalscorers in the tournament that year.

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