Mohammed bin Salman will use £600 million to buy Newcastle

The Crown Prince, Mohammed bin Salman, is still working hard to complete the transfer of Newcastle Club, despite difficulties. The opportunity for a life change is still there.

The process evolves the “dragon” of Newcastle

The transfer process of the Newcastle club is going on more slowly than planned. The current owner of Newcastle, Mr. Mike Ashley, must urge the organizing committee of the Premier League as well as the British authorities to quickly approve the purchase procedures for the transfer process to be completed.

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Mohammed bin Salman will use £600 million to buy Newcastle
The players who are about to be liquidated by Real are the targets of Newcastle

Recently, there are a lot of information claimed that Arab billionaire can be given up his intention to buy Newcastle. However, everything is still unclear at this time, and Newcastle fans are still waiting for the change of the pet team.

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According to the British press, through the Saudi public investment fund, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman will pour £600 million into Newcastle, £300 million for the transfer price, the remaining £300 million is the budget for the summer transfer period here.

Because of that, the St. James Park in the summer of 2020 – once the transfer process is completed, promises will be extremely busy. According to the Daily Mail, for £300 million, Newcastle can recruit half a dozen stars, including even big stars.

On the other hand,  Newcastle even after changing hands is just an emerging rich guy present. Next season they almost certainly do not have tickets to the European Cup. Therefore, the big stars will not immediately come to the Northeast team. This situation has also happened to Man City, Chelsea or Paris Saint Germain in the early stages of these teams “dragon”.

Coutinho and the “out of date” stars

Coutinho could be the biggest star to join Newcastle this summer
Coutinho could be the biggest star to join Newcastle this summer

Daily Mail writer Harry Slavin asserted that Newcastle of the 2020/21 season after changing hands will be just a Milky Way … all out. In the immediate future, the players come to this team just because of money, and the ambition of the big team will take many more years.

The source revealed more, there are many famous players but it is only the out of date or lost form to Newcastle. Superstar Gareth Bale is a case in point. The Welsh player has long been redundant at Real. If he goes back to Newcastle, the only reason is the super terrible salary.

But not only Bale, the Daily Mail revealed that many other stars are also pouring landed on the Northeast team of England. Instead of going to tournaments in the US, China, or Qatar “lie” now Newcastle is now the ideal destination.

It is possible that both Luka Modric and Marcelo also reunited with Gareth Bale in Newcastle. If Modric is about to turn 35, then Marcelo is also 32 and dropped his performance in the past two seasons. Both are facing the risk of Real liquidation. Now if you can come to Newcastle, it is lucky for the duo.

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Meanwhile, Edinson Cavani can completely dominate the Newcastle attack next season. The Uruguayan striker is out of contract with Paris Saint Germain and the two sides have not found a common voice in the negotiation of the new contract.

In addition to the old players, Newcastle also promises to attract the stars are disgraced. The Northeast team is in contact with James Rodriguez, Philippe Coutinho, Ousmane Dembele. They are all players who are “rejected” by the host team for not meeting the professional requirements.

In fact, with 300 million pounds, Newcastle in the immediate future can not recruit many big stars. And the revolution that Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman is about to create for the “Warbler” for many years to be successful, and Newcastle needs time to change the “dragon”.