Mjondalen vs Odd BK Prediction | Eliteserien | 07/01

Mjondalen vs Odd BK Prediction: After a bad start to the season, ODD Ballklubb is having a very strong break right now. They have a series of impressive results in a row. It quickly puts them in the top half of the rankings right now. And in the next round, just marching to the field of a Mjodalen who is not in good form. This will continue to be an opportunity for them to show themselves.

Mjondalen vs Odd BK Prediction


  • Match date: 04:00 pm on 2021/07/01
  • Event: Eliteserien
  • Stage: Matchday 10th
  • Location: Consto Arena






Starting the season with a rather rough performance in the bottom group, but the past 5 rounds can only receive 1 defeat. It helps ODD Ballklubb find a solution to their slowness. The sublime performance brings many advantages to this team. It helps them to get 12 points after 8 games playing with 7th place at the moment. This is the time when ODD Ballklubb needs to continue to maintain their stability in the next matches.

Mjondalen vs Odd BK Prediction

Meanwhile, with Mjondalen, the home team is showing a relatively bad face. When only 1 win in all 7 rounds played makes it impossible for them to get a good enough ranking. While they’re only stopping at 13th place right now. Obviously, Mjondalen’s performance is still quite problematic. They have to host ODD Ballklubb who is playing very well at this moment is too big a challenge for them. 

Select: Under 2.5 FT (Under 1 H1).


With their home field advantage, Mjodalen is the team that is slightly better than ODD Ballklubb this time. In general, the stable performance that the ODD Ballklubb is performing will be a real challenge for Mjodalen. Especially when they are playing not so prominently at the moment. ODD Ballklubb still possesses a relatively liberal playstyle when strong in controlling the game. They’re creating extremely effective attacks, which helps them quickly return despite a slow start to this season. A really big threat to Mjodalen when they will not have too many advantages in the next match. 

In addition, ODD Ballklubb’s ability to play away from home is also very impressive. They only had 1 defeat in the previous 4 away trips. It will make Mjodalen really shy when they can only get 2 wins in 7 matches played at their home. The mental advantage and quality staff will make it easy for ODD Ballklubb to play against Mjondalen. And it most likely Odd BK will get the next beneficial result for themselves.

Select: Ballklubb +0.25 FT.


This will be a relatively tight match when both sides will be willing to play fair against each other to reach the outcome in their favor. And with certain advantages, the name that is underrated Odd Ballklubb will most likely still be the name that gets the last joy.

Select: Odd Ballklubb FT.


The series of impressive performances in the past time is bringing a lot of confidence to ODD Ballklubb. It will be the driving force for this team in the near future if they want to continue to get a higher position. Obviously, Mjondalen is a not too uncomfortable opponent for them. Making good use of the advantages and opportunities will help ODD Ballklubb get what they need.

Mjondalen vs Odd BK Prediction: Mjondalen 0-1 ODD Ballklubb FT (0-0 H1).

Mjondalen vs Odd BK Prediction


Mjondalen: Makani, Sell, Walstad, Aasmundsen, Nakkim, Johansen, Gauseth, Larsen, Stokke, Sveen, Ovenstad.

ODD Ballklubb: Rossbach, Owusu, Kitolano, Kitolano, Bjortuft, Lekven, Jorgensen, Larsen, Bakenga, Kaasa, Svendsen.

The above is information about the prediction in the 10th match between Mjondalen vs Odd BK of Eliteserien on 2021/07/01 of the CMD368 bookie.