Miroslav Klose Takes On New Opportunities At Bayern

Miroslav Klose agreed to be an assistant to coach Hansi Flick at Bayern. This can be considered as an important milestone, a great challenge and also an expected opportunity for Klose on his journey to a military career.

Miroslav Klose Takes On New Opportunities At Bayern

Flick’s “chosen one”

Yesterday, a source from SportBild revealed that Miroslav Klose had said “yes” to the invitation to become Flick’s assistant that Bayern had given him. An agreement was reached between the two parties. Everything is just waiting for official announcements from Bayern and Klose. Miroslav Klose was Flick’s choice for a deputy seat under his command in Bayern.

There are many reasons for Flick and Bayern to choose Miroslav Klose. First of all, Klose possesses remarkable achievements when he was wearing shoes. The 41-year-old former striker still holds the record for the most goalscorers in World Cup history (a total of 16 goals in 2002, 2006, 2010 and 2014 World Cups). He also holds the record for the most goalscorer in the history of Germany with a total of 71 goals. He is a rare star who has collected enough championships, second place and third place in the World Cup.

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Miroslav Klose has always been praised for his effective play without color, always taking the example of Fair Play style. Flick judged Klose to have the talent, experience and prestige to teach the players, especially the strikers.

Miroslav Klose is also proving himself as a coach of the U17 Bayern team. At the young tournament in Germany that U17 Bayern participated in this season, Klose teachers and students temporarily ranked third with the results of 14 matches, draws 3 matches and lost only 4 matches after 21 rounds. In other words, Bayern has experience cultivating talent. Since his arrival at Bayern, Flick has focused on creating opportunities for young talents. Having Klose as a deputy general, Flick will be even more advantageous in this “grinding of pearls” work.

Another noteworthy point, Klose is also almost in his “Bayern blood”. Before becoming the coach of the U17 Bayern team, he had 4 seasons with the Gray Lobster (2007-2011).

From the position of U17 Bayern coach, Miroslav Klose was brought up as an assistant to head coach Hansi Flick
From the position of U17 Bayern coach, Miroslav Klose was brought up as an assistant to head coach Hansi Flick

Ahead is the sky

This will be the first time in Klose’s career that he will sit on the bench at a real team (not a young team). Although he was only in the assistant seat, this can still be considered a challenge and a very memorable and significant opportunity for him.

The goal Miroslav Klose was aiming for was certainly not a vice-seat at Bayern. His ambition is much bigger. The goal that he pursued is to become the head coach of future teams. This has nothing to hide. Klose is studying for a UEFA professional coach degree.

Flick himself stated: “I strongly support Klose’s becoming coach. I always appreciate him “.

Miroslav Klose and Flick are not strangers to each other. They have been close to the German national team before (when Flick was an assistant to coach Joachim Loew). Switching to being Flick’s assistant at Bayern, Klose will have the opportunity to learn a lot from this man.

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Flick, before being seated in the Bayern coach, also contributed to the Gray Lobster in the role of player and assistant coach. Perhaps Klose is following a similar route to the journey that Flick has gone through.

Klose will be Flick’s assistant from next season. But right now, it can be said that there is a lot of expectation in this cooperation. For Bayern, for Flick and for Klose personally.

Bayern must hurry

It is not unreasonable that Bayern and Flick have been eager to invite Miroslav Klose as their assistant since next season. A number of other Bundesliga teams also want to invite Klose as their assistant coach. As the holder of the initiative, Bayern can not let the situation “holding gold but letting gold fall” occurs.

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