Coach Mike Arteta Has Planned To Liquidate 5 Arsenal’s Stars

Recently revealed to the press, Mikel Arteta said it took him only 3-4 days to recover from the epidemic virus infection.

Coach Mikel Arteta has just left the pandemic and has planned to liquidate 5 Arsenal’s stars

Mikel Arteta was the first Premier League coach to be infected with the pandemic virus. According to the announcement on the homepage and social media channel, Arsenal said the entire team has been isolated and the training activities have been stopped.

The Spanish coach was confirmed to be infected on March 13 and Arsenal quickly suspended all activities and carried out quarantine. Arteta is isolated and treated at home, and he recently spoke for the first time since being infected.

Mikel Arteta
British media reported that Mikel Arteta had left the pandemic

Speaking on Spanish television channel La Sexta, the Spanish teacher said he was well and fully recovered. “Right now, my sense is very good and I have got better completely. I feel better after 3 to 4 days and have started to recover from the symptoms of Corona disease. The truth is that I am feeling really good now.

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Things come pretty fast. On Tuesday (March 9), I did not feel well and went to see the doctor but the doctor was not there. Later, I received a phone call from the board of directors after the rehearsal to announce that Olympiakos president was infected with Covid-19 so anyone who has come in contact with can get infected.

I informed them of my situation immediately and said that many players were in contact with your team. We are about to have a match against Man City so I think I need to take action to avoid the risk of unfortunate possibility. I was tested on Wednesday (March 10) and confirmed the infection on Friday (March 13). Therefore, the club has informed the Premier League organizers immediately “.

Mikel Arteta
Mikel Arteta still has a lot of work to do at Arsenal

This is the right action of Mikel Arteta to avoid spreading the pandemic virus in the community. His wife, Lorena once revealed that the disease could not stop Mikell from working. “The signs of this pandemic are similar to the flu. Mikell is infected but he took medicine and continues to work as usual.”

Mikel Arteta may be a “workaholic” but the Spanish teacher is really having a lot of work to do at Arsenal. “Gunners” are having one of the worst seasons when ranked 9th with only 40 points after 28 appearances.

According to the British Daily Mail, Mikel Arteta is looking to completely revamp the team and will “be strong” this summer. The source said the Spanish teacher had made a list of five players to leave the Emirates Stadium in the next transfer window. They are center-back duo Sokratis and Mustafi, both of whom performed poorly in the last season.

Meanwhile, Kolasinac most likely pushed away by the left-wing corridor already has Tierney and Saka. The same fate is the two players on loan are Elneny and Mkhitaryan.