Mike Tyson Got Angry, Showing His Muscles On The Ring

American boxer Mike Tyson continued to make a comeback to the public when attending the event of American wrestling.

Media reports that Tyson’s re-appearance at the AEW event may have angered WWE organizers. AEW is a new tournament established last year to compete directly with WWE.

In the past, Tyson was repeatedly invited to WWE. In 2010, “Mike Steel” knocked out Jericho knockout on WWE Raw. He also attended another WWE event in 1998.

Mike Tyson got angry, showing his muscles on the ring

In the middle of the week, Mike Tyson participated in the event called All Elite Wrestling (AEW) with WWE legend Chris Jericho. After being introduced to the ring, “Steel fist” tore his shirt, showing off his muscle to provoke Jericho. The two then plunge into a fight with each other.

The provocative Mike Tyson then charged into a fight with WWE legend Chris Jericho.
The provocative Mike Tyson then charged into a fight with WWE legend Chris Jericho.

The aforementioned re-performance, though heavy in performance, may indicate Tyson is ready to return to the ring light. In early May, the boxer announced his return to the boxing ring at the age of 53. The legend of the world boxing village then impressed the public because of his toned body despite his advanced age.

Since announcing his return to the ring, Tyson has adopted a variety of training methods to maintain his physical state. The legend of the world boxing village then impressed the public because of its toned body despite its advanced age.

Mike Tyson is back
Mike Tyson is back

Tyson’s return to the ring is confirmed by him for charitable purposes. He declared that the proceeds from the matches would go to helping the poor. Currently, two boxers Shannon Briggs and Evander Holyfield are rumored to be able to fight with “Mike Steel”.

He gains muscle thanks to special therapy

In 2009, Tyson, then 42 years old, made fans fed up with the general body and weighed about 172 kg. American punch more than 70 kg excess from the day of competition (Tyson 1.8 m high, weighs about 100 kg in peak times).

There was a time when Tyson’s health was so severe. Because of his weight, he suffered from high blood pressure, arthritis, and shortness of breath. Globo reported that Tyson now lost 60 kg after a long time on the diet, harsh training.

Besides, Tyson’s molting process is also supported by the stem cell treatment of a therapist, which is often used by Juventus striker, Cristiano Ronaldo, or tennis player Rafael Nadal.

“When they first took my blood, it was bright red. The second time, the color faded, “Tyson recalled on the radio program of rapper LL Cool J.” I could almost feel the blood flowing in me, and they injected me with something. My body started to have strange changes, I felt more balanced and healthier. ”

The photos published by the media later show how Tyson’s body has changed significantly in the 2 years from 2018 to 2020. Initially Tyson episode 2 hours a day, then steadily increasing and the last 6 weeks, This boxer feels he regains his best condition possible.

After practice, Tyson's body has changed markedly.
After practice, Tyson’s body has changed markedly.

“I am in the best physical state for many years. Now I weigh 104 kg and will continue to do so for the next time,” Mike Tyson said.

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