Michael Jordan is the bad players, violence against his teammates

Michael Jordan was exposed to public opinion because of his ugly behavior with his teammates while playing at major tournaments.

Michael Jordan and the career 

The recently released documentary “The Last Dance” has garnered much attention and debate. The film is about the 1997/98 season of the American NBA professional basketball, the season that Chicago Bulls with Michael Jordan in the team won the 6th and also the nearest.

Michael Jordan has won 6 NBA championships in his career
Michael Jordan has won 6 NBA championships in his career

Michael Jordan is the main character and many aspects of his career and life have been dissected, but many bad things about Jordan have not been mentioned. Besides the positives, Jordan is known to be a pretty aggressive player to the point of being mean. He was criticized by many for his “authoritarian” attitude toward his teammates when he was playing.

Journalist Sam Smith wrote the book “The Jordan Rules” in the 1990s and in the book he revealed from many sources examples of Jordan’s “faulty” attitude. This malignancy is even unbelievable, not due to selfish selfishness but from demand.

Will Perdue, a striker 2m16 tall (Jordan 1m98 tall) admitted the truth about Jordan. “He hit me, and not just me. We have not only once but many times fighting in training sessions, the tension in the practice matches is pushed to the extreme. But every time we were like nothing had happened” Perdue said.

Jordan and Will Perdue
Jordan and Will Perdue

Another striker who wore the Bulls, Bill Wennington, revealed more about Jordan’s aggression. “Michael considers it the necessary preparation because in the match he will always be hit by the opponent. One time he told me to attach and do everything to stop him. But then there was a situation where I got loose and Michael got angry, ”Wennington said.

“The rest of the training session he provoked me in every way to make me swear and chill. In one phase he overtook his companion and then rushed towards me with the intention of jumping straight at me for a basket. Michael then deliberately threw the ball in my face to fight. “

Unfair plays of Jordan’s career with opponents

Defender Steve Kerr, who has now become a successful NBA coach, said there was a fight between him and Michael Jordan when the Bulls trained before the 1995/96 season. Michael Jordan fought first, and Kerr didn’t swear back, and during a practice match Kerr threw an elbow into Jordan’s chest, causing Jordan to punch Kerr directly in the face before the team intervened.

Steve Kerr (left) and Jordan fought during a training session in the first season playing together
Steve Kerr (left) and Jordan fought during a training session in the first season playing together

Surprisingly, Kerr saw things in a positive way. “Michael wanted to try me and my reaction made him trust me more. I think I passed a test, ”Kerr said. Indeed, Jordan and Kerr then competed together in the three championship seasons of the Bulls.

But does not anyone can pass the test. In the 1991/92 season, the Chicago Bulls welcomed young rookie named Dennis Hopson, and due to playing in the same position with Michael Jordan, when training Hopson and Jordan regularly together. Jordan kept cursing at Hopson until Hopson couldn’t stand it anymore and responded.

The Bulls then praised Hopson, but in the next training sessions everything was the same, and Hopson could not bear to cry in the dressing room. Hopson only played 2 matches for the Bulls before leaving the team and then only played one more season in the NBA.

Michael Jordan sometimes becomes outrageous with his teammate’s challenges. His first three championships with the Bulls were assisted by striker Horace Grant, who is considered one of the club’s three key players alongside Jordan and Scottie Pippen. But after a match that Grant did not play well, Jordan asked flight attendants not to bring food for Grant because “did not deserve to eat”.