Michael Jordan fired his teammates for losing on the training ground

Legendary Michael Jordan was accused of using his power to expel his team-mates from the club for a bitter defeat on the training ground.

Michael Jordan is a bad legend in the history

Legendary Michael Jordan returns with the recent public attention due to the broadcast of the documentary “The Last Dance” about the 1997/98 season, the last season Jordan won the US NBA professional basketball. with the Chicago Bulls Club. 

Michael Jordan in Washington Wizards
Jordan in Washington Wizards

But there are many facets of Michael Jordan’s personality that have been criticized, either because it is not mentioned in the documentary, or mentioned but only fleeting and considered positive. Michael Jordan is considered an extremely bitter and aggressive person, all criticisms are viewed by him as personal hatred and even with his Michael Jordan team-mates proved to be quite harsh.

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Despite retiring after winning the Bulls in 1998, Michael Jordan eventually returned to play in 2001, when he was then a Washington Wizards official, responsible for the transfer of the player. Michael Jordan played two seasons for the Wizards and, despite his poor performance at the age of nearly 40, the team did not succeed.

Richard Hamilton, a former Wizards player, recently revealed that when Michael Jordan was about to return to play in 2001, during a training session he practiced duel with teammate Laron Profit. The two exchanged words throughout the training session and after Profit won a small game against Michael Jordan, the player teased, “you cannot accompany me with that old knee”.

Hamilton was close friends with Profit and a few days later, Hamilton, while meeting Michael Jordan, was told by Jordan that Profit would be kicked out of the club and transferred to Orlando Magic. Michael Jordan had not yet officially returned as a player, so he supposedly used his position to dispel the loss of Profit on his training ground.

“Basketball king” Jordan was met by his teammates to refuse the terrible salary

In episode 10, “The Last Dance” movie produced by Netflix talked about the days of playing in Jordan’s school, even the American legend was not afraid to talk about his days as a waiter, he talked about his Chicago Bulls teammates. Michael Jordan also made the audience respect when he refused to raise his salary to 653%.

In 1996, the New York Knicks actually made a giant offer to take Jordan out of Chicago. They made a contract of 25 million USD / year, that is, Jordan’s salary increased to 653% (then receiving 3.83 million USD / year), but Jordan did not care at that time. Exactly one year after this basketball legend received a salary of 33 million USD / year from Chicago, this proves Jordan made the right decision.

Scottie (right) feels unhappy with what Jordan says about himself
Scottie (right) feels unhappy with what Jordan says about himself

Although the documentary about Jordan is widely praised, teammates publicly criticized the 57-year-old legend. The defensive star and the second best name in the Chicago Bulls squad of that time, Scottie Pippen, told ESPN that he felt “pain and frustration” about his image portrayed in “The Last Dance “.

Scottie felt sad when Jordan thought he felt sad when he was underpaid, which led to his jealousy when facing the Chicago Bulls leadership, Scottie was also angry when Jordan called him “selfish”. “.

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In addition to Scottie, a former Chicago Bulls player, Horace Grant declared Jordan a “liar”, or worse than a “cheater,” the man claimed that what the documentary had shown was completely wrong truth.