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Mexico Primera matches prediction about the teams’ current performances and the most current matches of the teams, the detailed stats of the upcoming match.

Toluca vs Atletico San Luis – 8/3 – Mexico Primera matches prediction

Mexico Primera matches prediction

The careful preparation of Toluca and Atletico San Luis as well as the performance after the last day of the match made the confrontation on the field Nemesio Díez in the second round of Liga MX here is worth the wait.

As Mexico Primera matches prediction, after the defeat against a quite strong opponent Monterrey on the day of the debut, the coach Ricardo La Volpe and his team of course are very hungry for the first victory in the new season. For an opponent who is just as strong as Atletico San Luis, it is not ruled out that Toluca will actively attack after the opening whistle.

With what the two teams have shown on the defensive front after the launch, their ability to accept goals in the next 90 minutes cannot be ruled out.

The goal of Toluca this season is naturally to improve the performance compared to the previous season. The fact that there is only one position in the bottom half of the table definitely cannot make the fans of this team feel satisfied. And the team of coach Ricardo La Volpe needs to show determination in the upcoming confrontation.

Toluca just got a defeat against Monterrey 1-3. Accordingly, there have been 8 consecutive matches on all fronts of Toluca, not once having won. However, at the home front, Nemesio Diez fans are more or less consoled when the last 4/7 screen of their pet team was unbeaten. From there, they still harbor a strong belief that Toluca will get the score in the upcoming clash against Atletico San Luis.

In the only previous meeting in the history of confrontation between the two teams, Toluca also excelled to beat the opponent to 3-1 also at Nemesio Díez.

Club Leon vs Monterrey – 8/4

Mexico Primera matches prediction

In preparation for the new season, Club Leon has participated in two friendly matches and both brought relatively satisfactory results. Coach Marcos Ignacio’s team won a victory against FC Juarez, a draw against Pachuca but lost 4-5 in the shootout. Entering the first match, the Estadio Leon team had to divide the score before an opponent that was not overestimated was Chivas Guagalajara.

On the other side, Monterrey is the team that won the first leg last season. However, the team of coach Ricardo Antonio showed a very frail face in the second leg with a 5 draw and 5 loss record before the Mexican 2019/2020 tournament was canceled. By this season, only one weak opponent, Toluca, must be welcomed in the opening match to help Monterrey get the first victory.

There was no difference in the recent confrontations between the two teams when each side gave themselves 1 victory and 3 times holding each other. Having to march to Estadio Leon is not too difficult for Monterrey, as evidenced by they winning 5 victories compared to only 4 times of Club Leon.

Mexico Primera matches prediction expected line-up:

Club Leon: Jean David Meneses Villarroel, Rodolfo Cota Robies, Pedro Jesus Aquino Sanchez, Jaine Steven Barreiro Solis, Armando Leon Resendez, Angel Israel Mena Delgado, Luis Montes, Yairo Moreno, Jose David Ramirez Garcia, Nicolas Sosa Sanchez, William Jose Tesillo Gutierrez .

Monterrey: John Stefan Medina Ramirez, Hugo Alfonso Gonzalez Duran, Jesus Daniel Gallardo Vasconcelos, Nicolas Gabriel Sanchez, Cesar Jasib Montes Castro, Celso Fabian Ortiz Gamarra, Claudio Matias Kranevitter, Carlos Rodríguez, Aviles Hurtado Herrera, Rogelio Gabriel Funes Mori, Dorlan Mauricio Pabon Rios.