“Mesut Oezil Should Criticize Himself, Look Back On His Attitude And Dedication”

Former Arsenal coach Unai Emery accused Mesut Oezil of not giving up to the club, as well as trying to develop himself.

Coach Emery doesn’t have any good words for Mesut Oezil. He said the number 10 midfielder proved negligent, did not make any effort, and wanted to improve himself. That is why the former Real Madrid star excluded himself from Arsenal. Once, coach Emery bluntly commented, “Ozil is not good enough to play.”

Coach Emery and Mesut Oezil’s bad relationship

“I talked a lot with Ozil. He should criticize himself, look back on his attitude and dedication,” Emery told The Guardian newspaper.

“I have done everything to help Oezil. There have been a lot of talented players reaching a new level with me in my career. I have always been comfortable, wanting Ozil to become a part of the plan,” the military leader said. the Spaniard continued. Ozil has not been at his best, and Emery has been fired since November 2019.

There is no good relationship between Emery and Mesut Oezil
There is no good relationship between Emery and Mesut Oezil

According to Emery, he initially targeted Mesut Oezil as Arsenal captain. However, that did not happen. The former captain of PSG said that many members of the dressing room did not want that. More importantly, after working together, coach Emery realized that the German midfielder did not have the qualifications to become the club captain.

The relationship between coach Emery and Mesut Oezil is like a “long opera”. Recently, the former Real Madrid star has often been criticized by his former teacher. Ozil is not a medium. There is an anecdote that the eye-eyed midfielder once cursed at coach Emery after the 2018/19 Europa League final. Between them gradually appear huge distances and can not be healed.

Ozil's future at the Emirates Stadium is gloomy than ever.
Ozil’s future at the Emirates Stadium is gloomy than ever.

In November 2019, Emery was fired by Arsenal after a series of dishonest matches from the beginning of the season. It was the worst period of the “Gunners”. At this point, the Spaniard was no longer “wanted to see” Mesut Ozil. However, since the new coach Mikel Arteta arrived, the German star has gradually shown prosperity.

Mesut Oezil has been called a ‘disgrace’

The German midfielder was one of three Arsenal players who refused to give up 12.5% ​​of his salary to finance the club in the context of the complicated Covid-19 epidemic in Europe.

This information made Mesut Oezil immediately become the focus of criticism of the British media. Host Piers Morgan wrote on social media: “What a shame, though I’m not surprised. Ozil received £ 350,000 a week for sitting since 2017.”

Shortly thereafter, on the TV show Good Morning Britain, Morgan continued: “I’m really ashamed of you, Oezil. It’s embarrassing. Some young players make less money than you but they still drop 12, 5% salary. You don’t want to do that because you need to consider the financial situation of the club? Is it true that all you do is sit in front of the PlayStation every night instead of playing football? “

The Arsenal player is determined to keep his earnings unchanged.
The Arsenal player is determined to keep his earnings unchanged.

However, according to the agreement, Arsenal players will receive a refund of the reduced salary in case the club qualifies for the Champions League next season or the following season, along with a bonus.

However, many fans still support and defend Mesut Oezil on social networks. “Oezil contributes a lot to local charities and businesses around the world. He is a high-class player but is always regarded as a scapegoat. Hospitals, charities, and children. difficult circumstances are supported by Ozil, “The Sun quoted a social network comment.

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