Messi Free-Kick Caused Sociedad To Set Up A “Genius” Defense

Messi makes every opponent to be afraid of his free-kicking ability and that is why Real Sociedad must set up a “genius” defense.

Messi free-kick caused Sociedad to set up a “genius” defense

Barca beat Real Sociedad 1-0 at the Nou Camp thanks to a penalty from Messi, but the visitors prevented him from scoring a direct free kick thanks to an invention that netizens call a “genius”.

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The Basque side, instead of just setting up a regular fence against Messi’s free-kick, set up a unique system. Specifically, there are 7 players standing behind the fence, including 2 people on the goal line and the goalkeeper in the middle.

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Sociedad resisted Messi's free-kick with so many players
Sociedad resisted Messi’s free-kick with so many players

Fans on social media posted this picture with the caption: “An image goes down in history. There are three goalkeepers and four defenders trying to stop Messi’s free-kick 25 meters away.

Although Messi did not perform successfully, this situation has created a heated debate on social networks.

Fans likened that Sociedad used three goalkeepers when Messi took a free-kick
Fans likened that Sociedad used three goalkeepers when Messi took a free-kick

One fan commented that The teams are making crazy researches on the way to stop Messi and see the way the players of Real Sociedad gather in the penalty area instead of fencing a free-kick.

“See how Real Sociedad fights against Messi. Great tactics are established, ”another wrote.

“Real Sociedad developed a tactic to counter Messi’s free-kick, perhaps another team will begin to adapt now.”

The anti-Messi barrier is among the strange “inventions” of football

Real Sociedad‘s unique barrier came into effect when Messi’s free-kick was deflected by a defender standing close to the edge of the 5m50 area.

Sharing in the post-match press conference, Real Sociedad‘s Imanol Alguacil coach admitted that football is always changing and new inventions will also appear as an integral part.

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Not far away, in recent years, many teams have lined up a player just below the fence to prevent low-level free kicks. Legendary goalkeeper Oliver Kahn, meanwhile, asked his team-mates not to set up fences against long-range free kicks because they thought their teammates would obscure the view and he would not know the movement of the ball.

When he was playing for Ajax, Johan Cruyff surprised everyone by inventing a clever combination of penalty kicks that made the opponent unable to keep up. More than 30 years later, Messi and Luis Suarez recreated this collaboration to score against Celta Vigo.

Messi and Suarez recreated Cruyff's classic penalty kick in 2016
Messi and Suarez recreated Cruyff’s classic penalty kick in 2016

The famous player Socrates invented a penalty kick by the heel, although this method usually only appears in small matches. Another “weird” invention of the world football village is the way throw like Jindo in the Japanese comic “The path to the goal”. With this method, the player uses the two hands to place the ball on the ground and turn it upside down to get the momentum to throw the ball as far and as hard as possible.

Alvaro Negredo, meanwhile, scored a superb free-kick against Real Valladolid in 2008 with a left-footed volley after asking his team-mate to send the ball into the air.
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