Messi: ‘Barcelona cannot win Europe if they play the same ball’.

Lionel  Messi appreciates the Barca squad but insists the “Blaugrana” needs to change the way he plays football if he wants to win the Champions League.

Fragile opportunity for Barca

Covid-19 pandemic has delayed global football for more than two months. Most tournaments including La Liga and the Champions League have been postponed without a return date.

Members of Barca, including Messi, returned to training last week to prepare for La Liga’s return as well as the return leg of the 1/8 Champions League round. The Spanish giants drew 1-1 before Napoli in the away pitch.

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Messi is pessimistic about Barca's ability to win the Champions League this year.
Messi is pessimistic about Barca’s ability to win the Champions League this year.

When asked about Barca’s ability to win the Champions League this season, Messi did not hesitate to issue a warning to his team-mates. “I never doubted the current squad. We could win trophies this season, but not by the way we are playing,” Messi told the Sport newspaper. 

“Now everybody has their opinion and they are all very respectable. And I am based on my experience of having been lucky in playing in the Champions League every year and I know that I cannot win with a level. performing like it is now “.

The preparations Messi, Barcelona

In this season, Messi is still the leader of Barca despite being about to turn 33. The Argentine striker has scored a total of 23 goals and 16 assists after 30 appearances in all competitions.

The last time Messi was crowned with Barca was from the 2014-2015 Champions League.
The last time Messi was crowned with Barca was from the 2014-2015 Champions League.

In the 2019-2020 season, Barca still has opportunities in two main arenas, La Liga and the Champions League. In La Liga, “Blaugrana” is currently leading the rankings and 2 points ahead of rivals Real Madrid, while in the Champions League, Messi and his teammates have an advantage against Napoli after a 1-1 draw on the opponent’s field in the first round of 1/8.

The Cataluniya club has recently returned to training after a long break due to the Covid-19 epidemic. Speaking about the past period, the Barca captain said: “This break may be beneficial for the players, but we have to see if the league can return. The whole team will have to check the level play where we can get it when the tournaments start again “. 

“Returning to training is the first step, but we have to continue to take measures to ensure safety. Everything will be very strange without seeing the fans on the pitch, the players do not want to be prevented. how to stay with family when living at the team”, Sport quoted Messi.

Talking about his condition, Messi said that he felt fine. He insists that he still exercises at home and maintains a good condition to prepare for the return of La Liga.

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The Bundesliga will be the first of the major European leagues allowed to return. The first match will be a confrontation between Borussia Dortmund and Schalke 04 on May 16.

As for La Liga, the official decision has not been made. However, according to Spanish media, the tournament may return around mid-June.