McLaren denied contacting Vettel

Leader of McLaren Andreas Seidl and Director Zak Brown rejected the possibility of signing Sebastian Vettel in the upcoming F1 season.

The MCLaren racing team targets Ricciardo

“Sebastian Vettel has never been an option for us. We have never negotiated or offered a contract for him” McLaren team leader Andreas Seidl told Sky Sports on May 15.

Seidl has an amazing courting with Vettel, partly because he is likewise a German. On 12/5, Ferrari announced it would break up Vettel at the quit of this season. The Italian team introduced that Carlos Sainz – a McLaren racer – would replace Vettel

McLaren Andreas Seidl is quite close to Vettel
McLaren Andreas Seidl is quite close to Vettel

As for Vettel, he has now not revealed his intention. But in step with experts, the four-time global champion can temporarily faraway from F1 because there may be no appropriate destination.

“Of course, Vettel is a great rider and has won the F1 four times. However, we’ve got no common goal. McLaren cares about riders like Daniel Ricciardo or Carlos Sainz and we’ve not negotiated with. We were surprised that Vettel left Ferrari but for now, the possibility of him coming to McLaren is quite remote” McLaren CEO Zak Brown told Sky Sports.

Brown insists it is not Vettel, but Ricciardo has been McLaren’s pursuit for many years. With the Australian motive force out of the settlement with Renault, McLaren is having a top-notch opportunity. “We followed Daniel a few years ago and missed him. We will pass over Carlos – who did a tremendous job. But now, we have the opportunity to recruit a driver each seven once winning the F1 stage, that made absolutely everyone excited” Brown said.

Ferrari and Viettel’s best dedication

Previously on May 12, Ferrari announced that it would not renew Vettel’s contract, which was about to expire at the end of the F1 season in 2021. Team leader Mattia Binotto once said: “Ferrari and Vettel both feel this is the best decision for both of us. We aren’t easy to make this decision, due to the fact Vettel could be very talented and likable. can lead to this separation, just because we feel it is time for both sides to stop. Both want to find their own goals.”

Vettel in Ferrari uniform
Vettel in Ferrari uniform

On the German driver’s side, Vettel said that the problem is not with money. He said on the Ferrari homepage that his finances had nothing to do with his decision to leave Ferrari. Vettel wants time to rediscover new goals in life. For Vettel, Ferrari has always been the number one racing team in him. Vettel’s current goal is to be able to end the season with many beautiful and memorable memories.

From F1 2015 season, Vettel has joined the Ferrari team after participating in Red Bull. He has won the world championship four times in 14 races for Ferrari, helping this team to finish second in 2017 and 2018.

Last season, Charles Leclerc competed as the main driver alongside Vettel. He took fifth place after racing drivers such as Hamilton, Valtteri, Bottas, Max Verstappen, and Leclerc.

At the same time, Ferrari extended the contract with Leclerc until the end of 2023. On the other hand, Ferrari sources also suggested that Vettel would extend the contract to Vettel for a year, but the German driver refused because he is subject to a wage reduction provision.

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