The Europa League is still hot with M.U, Arsenal

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On the morning of February 21, matches for today will be round 32 of the Europa League will begin to take place with many promising matches as rich as the Champions League arena, especially revolving around two names M.U and Arsenal.

Bruno Fernandes will continue to shine in the M.U shirt? – Photo: AFP

The Europa League is still hot with M.U, Arsenal

Opponents of England’s two giants are also very familiar teams for European football fans. Accordingly, Club Brugge (Belgium) meets M.U, and Olympiakos (Greece) host Arsenal.

The frequency of Club Brugge’s Champions League presence with Olympiakos in the Champions League in recent years is even more frequent than that of M.U or Arsenal. This season, for example, both moved down to play the Europa League after winning third place in the Champions League group stage.

It was not a bad achievement when Club Brugge had to share with Bayern Munich, Tottenham, Red Star Belgrade, and Olympiakos were in the group with PSG, Real Madrid and Galatasaray. Their performance in the domestic arena is also very good, with each team leading the championship race.

The challenge for the English giants is not small, but this is the time when both Manchester United and Arsenal are burning enthusiasm. For MU, the 2-0 victory over Chelsea earlier this week was the fourth match in a row they were unbeaten (there were 3 victories) – an impressive achievement considering their opponents recently Chelsea, Wolverhampton and Manchester City.

Achievements reflect the positive signals of “red devil” at this time. In attack, Bruno Fernandes really brings a new wind in the play.

Having only played two matches, the Portuguese midfielder has left many positive impressions, including an assist for Harry Maguire to score against Chelsea. In defense, back after more than half a year of healing, center-back Eric Bailly played extremely impressive.

With Arsenal, they have been unbeaten since the beginning of 2020, with a total of 4 wins and 4 draws followed the latest football news.

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In the early stages of coach Mikel Arteta, Arsenal was still quite a bit of satire because of the “winning not losing, losing not losing” style, but a 4-0 victory over Newcastle last week dispelled all doubts. “Gunners” are really improving day by day under the new Spanish coach.

And one thing is undeniable, Arsenal in the hands of Arteta defense extremely firmly, with only 8 goals in 11 games. As for the same series before Arteta coach, “gunner” conceded 23 goals.

Round schedule of 1/16 Europa League: MU, Arsenal debut

Updated schedule matches for today for the round of 1/16 Europa League season 2019/2020. MU, Arsenal are all supposed to be easy guests but will contain many attractions and surprises.

Two representatives in the Premier League, MU and Arsenal are undoubtedly the two most formidable names in this European level 2 league. However, other representatives such as Inter Milan, AS Roma, Ajax, or “champion C2 champion” Sevilla are all names with “horned beak”. Say no exaggeration, not only MU, Arsenal but the above-mentioned teams have the potential to win.

That is not to mention the teams that have always been familiar in the European Cup for years like Shakhtar Donetsk, Porto, Celtic, Leverkusen … Or the “new breeze” like Wolves, Getafe (very sublime in La Liga). ) and Eintracht Frankfurt – the team reached the semi-finals last season.

This round has too many teams. Therefore, there is no pair yet. But it is also a good thing because it means that if the strong teams play well, we can fully expect to play in the eighth round with excellent representatives.

Pre-draw layout for the round of 1/sixteen Europa League

According to the formula given by UEFA, teams will face off against each other in the group stage and teams from the same country will not face each other in the round of 1/16. Thus, an attractive scenario with many intense confrontations can take place right in this round.

MU, Arsenal can face AS Roma, Shakhtar Donets or Sporting Lisbon right away in the round of 16. These are all well-known teams in the C2 league ground. Certainly, these visits are something the English teams (as well as Germany) do not want.

Another scenario is that Inter Milan falling from C1 might face Wolverhampton or Sporting Lisbon or Shakhtar Donets. Set of 4 Shakhtar, Sporting Lisbon, AS Roma and Wolves are the most dangerous cards in the seedless group.

This year is the 49th year of the second-highest European tournament to be held, and the 11th year since this tournament was named the Europa League. The 2019-2020 Europa League final will take place at the Energa Gdańsk Stadium, Gdańsk City – Poland.

2 particular seed organizations within the round of 1/16 Europa League

Seed group: MU, Arsenal, Inter Milan, Ajax, Sevilla, Porto, Benfica, Celtic, Braga, Basel, Espanyol, Gent, Istanbul, LASK, Malmo, Salzburg.

Seedless group: Leverkusen, Frankfurt, AS Roma, Shakhtar Donets, Wolves, Sporting Lisbon, APOEL, AZ Alkmaar, Cluj, Club Brugge, Copenhagen, Getafe, Ludogorets, Olympiacos, Rangers, Wolfsburg.