Mata leads Bruno Fernandes

Midfielder Juan Mata was assigned by Solskjaer coach to share experiences and guide young recruits and young players at Man Utd.

Mata has been with Man Utd for six years and Fernades

“As a player, I can contribute on the pitch. But out on the pitch, I also try my best to help new transfer players like Bruno Fernandes or Odion Ighalo. I also give advice to. young adult players from the academy like Brandon Williams, Tahith Chong, Angel Gomes or Jimmy Garner, “Mata said.

Mata is happy to be able to help newly arrived players like Ighalo.
Mata is happy to be able to help newly arrived players like Ighalo.

The 31-year-old Spanish midfielder is one of the oldest players in the Man Utd lineup. I believe I can afford to be a role model for my juniors. Mata has been with Man Utd for six years, and renewed his contract last summer.

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“I find myself young, in my mind and body. Of course, I have played for clubs, attended the English football environment and played professionally for 12, 13 years. It brings experience, especially “It helps me act well and can give advice to young players. I think coach Solskjaer appreciates that,” Mata added.

Mata is about to reach the 600-match mark in his career. The former Chelsea midfielder owns most of the noble titles a player can win, including the World Cup, Euro and Champions League. However, Mata has never won the Premier League.

The Spanish midfielder believes he still has a chance to own this title before retiring. Mata said: “Of course, I want to win the Premier League before retiring. David De Gea always told me that Man Utd missed the championship by only one point away in the first season he moved in. But they won it in the second season and it felt great. Everything turned red unbelievably. I am waiting for the day to experience that feeling. “

“I can play to 50 if I need to, but if I don’t win it then I have to accept. I am not obsessed with this. It would be great to win every title. If someone asks me to choose a title, I will choose the Premier League, “he continued.

25-year-old player is energizing MU

Fiery, driven by the desire to win fiercely, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer knew that he had found a natural champion at Bruno Fernandes. But not only that, the Portuguese player can create the same impact as the legendary Eric Cantona in the past.

Fernandes is energizing MU
Fernandes is energizing MU

That may be a bold statement, but the fact is that Fernandes is raising MU. Coach Solskjaer once said the 25-year-old is adding energy to the club. And the victory over Man City in the derby over the weekend reinforces this view.

It is hard to think of another player with such quality and personality who has made such a sudden impact at Old Trafford. 2016 Zlatan Ibrahimovic will be a candidate, but what he does is not big enough.

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After 8 matches for MU, it seems a bit too much to compare Fernandes with Wayne Rooney or even with Eric Cantono or Paul Scholes. But Fernandes is the one who made MU fans regain joy and excitement when watching the home team.

They can see what this midfielder is bringing to the team and it’s not just an assist for Anthony Martial to score the opener on Sunday. They see the leadership, the motivation and the desire to win incessantly. MU know they will get these from acquaintances Fernandes in Portugal and Italy.

At MU, Fernandes has adapted quickly. He got along well, first with a team of Portuguese-speaking players like Diogo Dalot, Andreas Pereira and Fred. Later, he developed a relationship with the Spanish speaking group. He chose a Spanish song to debut for his teammates during a training session in Marbella last month. And it can be seen that Bruno Fernandes and Martial were laughing happily together in the victory over Man City recently.

When the match ended, Solskjaer’s MU were smiles and Fernandes was far ahead of his compatriot across the Bernardo Silva front line.

When celebrating after the match, coach Solskjaer blew kisses and the board of directors. Dawn light has returned to Old Trafford, and Bruno Fernandes is the catalyst to bring MU sublimated.
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