Mason Mount, Whose Mission Follows John Terry

It’s been quite a long time since John Terry, Chelsea has introduced a young talent for his own training. That is Mason Mount, one of the findings of the Premier League this season. But to get here today, the stunted boy had to go through a very long journey every day.

Mason Mount, Whose Mission Follows John Terry

Mason Mount, whose mission follows John Terry

“I’m not going anywhere,” said young Mason, six years ago, when he was asked to move to a new club. It was a family meeting that took place in the kitchen of the Mount family’s 4-bedroom apartment on the outskirts of Portsmouth. His closest people were present, from his parents, grandfather and uncles. And despite appreciating the quality of the Chelsea training facility, his father – who has spent decades playing and coaching in amateur tournaments – thinks his youngest son has no door to the first team.

Mr. Tony has his reasons. At that time, a few teams were showing interest in Mason Mount. But the main reason that made Tony nervous was that “no player from Chelsea’s academy has made it to the first team since John Terry”. But in response his son’s staunch statement: “I will stay at Chelsea! I have been here since 6 years old, this is my team and I will be on the first team. At that time, Mason was only 15 years old and had 9 years of training in Cobham.

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However, his first love was not Chelsea, but Portsmouth. Following his father to Fratton Park from the age of four, Mason was fascinated by Gary O’Neil and Andres D’Alessandro, with whom he still has a signed shirt. And because his father Tony is an amateur football coach, in addition to Portsmouth matches, he also regularly watches movement matches. He once asked his father the reason why doesn’t anyone pass the ball to each other?. And Tony laughed. “This is real football. Look at the ball, it’s intense. ”

It was these “brush” fights that trained Mason Mount with an uncompromising fighting spirit. Therefore, the stunted boy compared to his peers has never been bored with big opponents. At the age of 5, Mason was taken by his father to practice at the Soccer City center in Fareham for 6-year-olds. Mr. Tony had to lie when people suspected this young boy was underage. But after just a few practice sessions, he was included in the U8 team.

Mason Mount (middle) baby day in a photo shoot with John Terry and Ashley Cole
Mason Mount (middle) baby day in a photo shoot with John Terry and Ashley Cole

A year later, Mason Mount joined Boarhunt FC and when he participated in a 7-person tournament, the midfielder was on the radar of Rob Winzar, Chelsea scout. Winzar questioned his father: “Is that 7th boy your son? I want to take him to Chelsea”. The response was a rejection, but Winzar found out a way. He invited the Boarhunt team to a tournament at Cobham Academy three weeks later. The team from Portsmouth champion with inspiration Mason and the 6-year-old boy knows this is where he belongs.

It was the beginning of a love spanning 15 years. The fierce boy from the south quickly grabbed everyone’s attention. Martin Taylor, who has been a scout for Chelsea for 15 years, commented: “It’s a small guy but brave and full of personality.” Michael Beale, who is in charge of the youth training, recalls: “The coaches always arrive 30-40 minutes before each training session and every time, Mount was there with the ball in his foot.”

Thanks to that outstanding effort, Mount regularly wore Chelsea’s U23 squad when he was 17 years old. In a match of the Blues reserve team against Southampton in November 2016, this boy played so well that it made the seniors down from the first team like Michy Batshuayi, John Terry, Cesc Fabregas, Kurt Zouma unexpectedly, and Coach Antonio Conte watched without blinking from the stands. But Mason Mount will not be able to mature as they are now, without “training” trips in Vitesse and Derby County.

The midfielder had difficulty in his early days in the Netherlands, so much so that his parents intended to call him home. But Mount quickly captured the starting spot in Vitesse, before the end of the 2017/18 season with 13 goals, 10 assists and the same position in the Best Team of the Season.

The 2018/19 season marked a new step when he became the mainstay of Derby County at the hands of coach Frank Lampard. And a great opportunity came earlier this season when FIFA’s transfer ban forced Chelsea to call on loaners to return. Then Mason Mount not only fulfilled the dream of the first team but also became a new star at Stamford Bridge.

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If he doesn’t kick the ball, he will be a boxer

Like Wayne Rooney, in addition to football, Mason Mount also loves boxing. This passion was transmitted from his grandfather, a former road worker and amateur boxer at a young age. My grandfather’s name is Bill with 3 daughters. And when Mount was born, he seemed to find the son he still wished to pass on. If it weren’t for his great legs, he would have been skipping and punching sandbags. However, boxing days were not in vain, as it helped Mason Mount get his toughness and fighting spirit.

Leader of the 1999-2000 generation

Chelsea had a bunch of talented players born in 1999-2000, and Mason Mount is the most prominent name of that generation. Unfortunately, only in the “class of 1999”, only Mount and Reece James continue to stick with Chelsea colors until now. Rhian Brewster (Liverpool), Declan Rice (West Ham) and Eddie Nketiah (Arsenal) then all transferred to the training facilities of other clubs.

4. The importance of Mason Mount is shown in the fact that he is the fourth most played player of Chelsea with 2,866 minutes in all competitions this season. Mount’s achievement is inferior to captain Cesar Azpilicueta (3,333), goalkeeper Kepa (3,000) and senior midfielder Jorginho (2,965).

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