Real want MU to exchange prodigy Martin Odegaard & 3 stars for Pogba

Real Madrid did not give up the intention of recruiting Paul Pogba in the upcoming 2020 summer market. According to the latest developments, “White Vulture” ready to prodigy Martin Odegaard to Manchester United in the opposite direction.

Shocking offer from Martin Odegaard

The Covid-19 pandemic pushed Real Madrid in particular and the European football scene in general to the plight. But with the Spanish Royal team, detonating “blockbuster” deals in the summer transfer period has become a difficult habit to quit.

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Real Madrid will be ready to release James, Vazquez, Odegaard, and Diaz to get Paul Pogba
Real Madrid will be ready to release James, Vazquez, Odegaard, and Diaz to get Paul Pogba

Even when Covid-19 was rife and the financial background was not guaranteed, Madrid still knew how to bring back the Bernabeu superstars. According to Marca newspaper, the Real Madrid leadership is trying to convince MU to release Paul Pogba this summer.

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To activate this “blockbuster” deal, the Bernabeu owner is expected to use four players in return for the service of Pogba. Those who have to “sacrifice”, are Martin Odegaard, Lucas Vazquez, James Rodriguez, and Brahim Diaz.

In fact, this is a wise move of the Real elite. This deal can help “white vultures” achieve many goals at the same time. First, Zidane’s team really needs a big star in the middle to replace the old Modric, 35. Besides, Toni Kroos gradually dropped form.

Moreover, if pushing the four names Odegaard, Lucas Vazquez, James Rodriguez, and Brahim Diaz to Old Trafford, the Royal Spanish team will reduce a huge salary fund. According to Marca, Real Madrid’s salary fund now reaches 369 million euros, the second-highest in Europe, after only the great rival Barcelona (453 million euros).

Entering the 2020/21 season, Real Madrid’s salary fund will increase sharply if they do not quickly liquidate the superfluous stars. Real Madrid team 1 is currently 26 players. But more than that, up to nine players will return to the Bernabeu after the end of loan signings. Martin Odegaard is such a case.

Did MU excite with the proposal of Real Madrid?

“Prodigy” Odegaard is making significant strides in his career, since joining Sociedad on a loan basis. The Norwegian player is having an excellent season at the Basque team. He contributed greatly to Sociedad’s fourth La Liga achievement at this time with 4 goals and 5 assists.

Odegaard can be considered as the biggest sacrifice of Real Madrid of the 4 names that they send to Old Trafford. However, it seems that MU is not really interested in this proposal. Because the names mentioned above are paid very high.

Brahim Diaz is enjoying 2.9 million/year with Real, with Lucas Vazquez is 5.5 million/year, especially James Rodriguez is 10 million/year. Even a player like Martin Odegaard is earning 80,000 pounds a week, equivalent to 3.84 million pounds a year.

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Thus, a total of 4 players that Real Madrid solicits in exchange for Pogba of Manchester United are earning 22.24 million pounds per year. So, what foolish MU “take trash home”, when inherently Real Madrid wants to push away 3 of the 4 names mentioned above.

“Prodigy” Martin Odegaard is having a successful season with Sociedad
“Prodigy” Martin Odegaard is having a successful season with Sociedad

In addition, it seems that coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer does not want Pogba to leave MU at this time. The Norwegian coach advocated combining Paul Pogba with Bruno Fernandes in midfield.

The Frenchman has not started a match since September of last year due to an injury. However, Pogba has recently recovered and is expected to return to competition when the 2019/20 Premier League kicks back in the Covid-19 epidemic.