Martial Boomed: “Henry II” Took Off, MU Sublimated Speeding

Anthony Martial is in the rare happy days, as ever with Louis van Gaal in the new period of MU. Martial’s sharpness can completely become the premise for “Reds” towards the goal of winning the Europa League and top 4 Premier League.

Martial bloomed

The 30-minute goal against Man City showed the great qualities of Anthony Martial: Smart movement, good chances, bold and accurate finish. In particular, just need a capable player to spark – as Bruno Fernandes did, he will certainly play more and more progressive and promise to reach a higher level. All as if recalling the image of Martial himself, but in the first season with MU.

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Martial is in high form
Martial is in high form

The first season with MU, Anthony Martial became a phenomenon of the English Premier League. 11 goals, the French striker contributed to the class helping MU into the top 4 of the 2014/15 season. This season, despite the new tournament going to round 29, Martial also had 11 goals, and completely exceeded his best performance when he joined the “Red Devils” ranks.

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This season, in all competitions, he had 16 goals in 34 games, of which, as mentioned, there were 11 goals and 3 assists in the English Premier League. People are saying a lot about Marcus Rashford having his best season, but so is Anthony Martial. The French striker only needed 2 more goals to surpass the 17-goal milestone all season with former captain Van Gaal.

“Henry II” Took Off, MU Sublimated Speeding

In this 2019/20 season, after Romelu Lukaku joined Inter Milan, coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer entrusted the responsibility of playing the leading striker to Anthony Martial. So far, though not too successful, this is also a reasonable decision. Martial‘s good ability to keep the ball, play well and pass the ball well helped Rashford benefit. Remember, Martial‘s physical fitness does not support him playing at number 9, and what he does is worthy of praise.

In a recent comment, MU legend Paul Scholes commented that Martial can completely become “Henry of Old Trafford”: “Martial can play flexibly, swap with Rashford. He plays as a center-forward but also can play left. Remember Thierry Henry, he started the game as a striker and there were always some finishes on the left. “

The defenders are always afraid when faced with a striker pattern that is speed, technique, sharp finishes like he. It is important that Solskjaer coach is giving the former Monaco star great confidence. A talented young player who receives absolute support, there’s no reason not to explode. “It’s time for Martial,” former United defender Gary Neville said.

Henry in the past possesses all the qualities that can be called by the word “Magnifique” (French: Gorgeous, magnificent) and helps Arsenal to climb to the height of fame, including the championship season undefeated in 2003/2004. MU is trying to find the golden age, Martial is expected to be one of the important links.

Martial shines thanks to Bruno Fernandes' ability to spark
Martial shines thanks to Bruno Fernandes’ ability to spark

Earlier in February, Martial surpassed some of the indicators that Ronaldo has achieved with MU in the past. With the first 104 matches played for MU, he had 32 goals, while that number for Ronaldo was only 22. Besides, Martial also has more assists than Ronaldo in this period: 16 compared with 14.

And yet, to achieve all of this, Martial only needs 6,958 minutes of 104 matches, while Ronaldo needs 7,051 minutes. There is only 1 Ronaldo more than he, that is the number of opportunities created. Ronaldo has created 149 chances for his teammates, while Martial‘s number is only 122.
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