Maria Sharapova and unforgettable love affairs

Many people crept into Maria Sharapova ‘s heart very quickly and also left quickly. It left many scars in the emotions of the beautiful Russian tennis star player.

Masha loved many times and broke many times. 

There were love affairs of the Russian tennis star player that lasted a few days like the male singer Adam Levine of Maroon 5 in 2005. There were also people who won Sharapova’s heart for a few years, like Sasha Vujacic or Grigor Dimitrov.

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From openness to secrecy, out of love for the elderly to the youngest, Masha goes through all sorts of erotic adventures. Masha is prone to sunstroke. Meeting Sasha Vujacic for the first time, she completely “married” this basketball guy. Between them each time there is a passionate attachment to many beautiful memories.

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Sharapova loved much but broke one are also a lot
Sharapova loved much but broke one are also a lot

However, it is not easy to keep the love for a beautiful and talented tennis star player. Maria Sharapova has a strong personality. Therefore, Masha ended a 4-year love affair with Vujacic when many promises were still unfinished.

The Slovenian basketball handler is said to be too patriotic. He likes to control Masha. On the outside, Masha and Vujacic seemed happy. The reality is not so. It was the Russian player who said he could not stand the pressure of Vujacic, who was quite jealous of his wealthier and more talented girlfriend.

“Vujacic has always liked being the center of the universe and controlling everything. He doesn’t remember that I made a lot of money and lived in a bigger house. in basketball, “Masha told in her autobiography” Unstoppable: My Life So Far “.

Vujacic seems to love her too much and always thinks that her girlfriend needs her more. That made him selfish and trifled with. A year after the date they were engaged. Masha and Vujacic broke up badly. The pitcher blames Masha for not thanking him at the 2012 Roland Garros championship ceremony.

From loving older people to younger people, Masha can't maintain a sustainable relationship.
From loving older people to younger people, Masha can’t maintain a sustainable relationship.

A love with 4 years-younger boyfriend

Bored with her elders, Masha plunged into a whirlwind of love to Grigor Dimitrov, who was 4 years younger than her. The scent messages and the sincere feelings of the Bulgarian tennis star player as a cure for Masha’s hurt heart. It made her forget Vujacic too paternalistic. Dimitrov “saw” Maria Sharapova fall in such a way.

“Why is a handsome guy like you willing to wait for a girl who isn’t ready to date like me?” Masha once asked Dimitrov. The Bulgarian replied: “I will wait. I understand what my heart wants, and I want you.” Masha and Dimitrov come together  full of romance. Together they shared the sweetness through each tournament for 2 years.

When Masha’s love for the “young pilot” was most sublime, fate teased the Russian tennis star player. Dimitrov with handsome features and prolific spring always like to conquer others. The press rumored “little Federer” stealthily dating another person behind Masha. The press said that both wanted to stop loving stories to focus on their careers.

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The truth does not seem to be so. After leaving Sharapova in 2015, Dimitrov embarked on a sex game with Serena Williams, who was also older than him. In her autobiography, Masha revealed that Dimitrov had never considered her the most important woman in her life. Once more the love story of Masha broke.

Media rumors Masha may be getting married in the near future. The one holding her heart is an English businessman.
Media rumors Masha may be getting married in the near future. The one holding her heart is an English businessman.

How to maintain affection for this beautiful is the problem. Not many guys do it. Failure of many love affair also makes Masha mature and more considerate in the relationship.

In an interview with Corriere Della Sera, Masha talked about the criteria for choosing a boyfriend as follows: “Just a man makes me happy, makes me happy, he will have the opportunity to make me want to love times. I like someone who surprised me and told me many unknown things. “

Entrepreneur Alexander Gilkes does that with Masha

Entrepreneur Alexander Gilkes does that with Masha. Leaving Dimitrov for more than a year, Masha fell in love again with her love with her 8-year-old boyfriend. The maturity of middle-aged men helps Gilkes know what Masha needs. Thanks to that, they have been together for 4 years and are waiting for a new chapter in love.

On February 26, Maria Sharapova-  tennis star announced her retirement at the age of 32, Gilkes hinted that something important was about to happen to Masha. The media said they were getting married. If that happens, this will be a happy ending for Sharapova’s love affair.
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