Marcus Rashford Showed Off A Terrible Title Room At The Age Of 22

In his spare time when football has not returned, Marcus Rashford has the opportunity to look back on a career that is not long but filled with his glory and boast on social networks for everyone to have fun.

Marcus Rashford Showed Off A Terrible Title Room At The Age Of 22

Marcus Rashford showed off a terrible title room at the age of 22

Through his Instagram page, Marcus Rashford took a picture inside the room to place the title at his home with the caption: “Want to take a decent picture without the dogs jumping in. And this is the best possible result. Have a fun Friday! “

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No one can doubt Rashford’s rapid development over the years. At the age of 22, he scored 64 goals in 201 appearances for Man United and the title room behind him complemented that point.

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There, Marcus Rashford stored his precious medals such as the U21 Premier League champions, Europa League, FA Cup. With the FA Cup, a spectacular comeback that defeated Crystal Palace at Wembley in 2016. A year later, Rashford became the youngest English player to play in a European Cup final at the age of 19 when he was with the Reds. Europa League champion since Gary Mills of Nottingham Forest in 1980 (age 18).

Rashford is next door to his illustrious title
Rashford is next door to his illustrious title

Personally, Rashford’s first title came in 2016. At that time, the 18-year-old only played 170 minutes in February 2016 but it was enough to win him the MU Player of the Month.

Coach Louis van Gaal did not have many options when both Wayne Rooney and Anthony Martial were injured at the time so they were forced to remove Marcus Rashford from the academy. Rashford did not disappoint his teacher when he scored 4 goals in just 2 games and created a promising start.

After that, the individual titles came more and more with Rashford as the level progressed. The highlight is that in January 2019, the star of the “Battle of kingship” John Bradley went to Carrington center to give Rashford the Premier League Player of the Month award.

Also in his title room, Marcus Rashford also formalized the hats symbolizing each match with England. In total, Rashford’s collection has 38 hats, with the first being in May 2016.

Marcus Rashford is achievement

Collective title

– Premier League champion for the U21 age 2015/16

– FA Cup 2015/16

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– Europa League 2016/17

– British Super Cup 2017

– British League Cup 2016/17

Personal title

– Jimmy Murphy award for best young player of the year: 2015/16

– Man United Player of the Month: 2016 and 2019

– Premier League Player of the Month: January 2019

– Premier League Player of the Month, voted by fans: December 2019