Many NBA teams oppose going to Orlando to concentrate

Some NBA teams do not have the opportunity to participate in the Playoffs to protest against the centralized competition plan at one location to avoid risks.

NBA decided to host the remaining matches of the season

If the NBA decides to return for the 2019-20 season, one of the top alternatives now is to organize all suits in a single location. The idea is to have all 30 teams (or sixteen teams in the Playoffs round) isolated within the same town to avoid the spread of COVID-19. 

Many NBA teams oppose going to Orlando to concentrate
ESPN Wide World sports complex is eligible to help the tournament tackle the tight time budget.

Afterward, suits could be held at a delegated gym. Over the past several weeks, places which have been stated encompass Las Vegas, Los Angeles, or even the Bahamas. But consistent with share from the prestigious journalist Shams Charania, the NBA is thinking about an exceptionally exciting position: Disney World in Orlando, Florida.

Disney World is a well-known amusement, amusement, and hotel complex. As for the Orlando version, this vicinity is defined as a miniature city with tens of lots of rooms, sports activities stadiums with many basketball courts, and is quite near the Orlando Magic Club education facility. Disney World-associated thoughts have been first shared by way of Yahoo Sports journalist Keith Smith. Smith is aware of the operation of this amusement and lodge complex. 

Talking more about the advantages, Keith Smith shared that Disney World is ready for quarantine because it is a separate enjoyment location. The football fields also are television-friendly and are available for big-scale sports activities leagues like the NBA

However, the undertaking continues to be there. What prevents the NBA from re-acting at Disney World are some of the health-related barriers. Commissioner Adam Silver shared that the tournament needs the first two situations to return, that is the ability to check on a massive scale (over 10,000 people) and the readiness of the facility in addition to the medical team of workers at the venue.  

Many groups oppose a centralized opposition at a venue in Orlando

However, the Disney World plan this time is one of the maximum feasible options ever that the NBA is seriously considering. Rarely can it hold the entire staff of the entire NBA and not only that, but Disney World also has enough human resources to support logistics for the tournament.

The Golden State Warriors do not want to play the rest of the season in the neutral citadel
The Golden State Warriors do not want to play the rest of the season in the neutral citadel

However, at the same time, there were a number of teams disagreeing with the plan that Adam Silver and his associates, typically Golden State Warriors. The team from San Francisco and many clubs outside of the Playoffs race expect the 2019-20 season to end soon, at least for them. These teams say they will still abide by the rules from the NBA, but stressed that focusing the whole team to Orlando just to play a few procedural matches is not a good plan.

The last-team teams of the regions are not interested in having to go far to play while absolutely no additional revenue from ticket sales, selling items, service money in the yard. Besides, big stars like Stephen Curry or Karl-Anthony Towns also face the risk of getting injured in meaningful matches.

Newsday journalist Steve Popper also pointed out that inviting all 30 NBA teams to Orlando will create unnecessary risk, especially when the organizers are planning to cut the main season from 82 games down. There are more than 70 matches, equivalent to 5-7 more matches for each team.

The journalist calculated that there would be at least 1,000 people present at the venue in case the organizer invited 30 teams, not to mention the referees, event staff as well as the media.