Man Utd “Distorted Face”, The Risk Of Losing More Than 16M pounds

With the complicated situation of the global epidemic, Man Utd is likely to be unable to carry out the summer tour as planned.

The risk of losing more than 16 million pounds because of the epidemic

Accordingly, Man Utd‘s fertile summer tour – including a match in India – will most likely not be realized due to the effects of the epidemic. If this tour cannot be conducted, the “Red Devils” will not be able to pocket the amount of 16 million pounds. This is a relatively big loss for Man Utd in the context of the financial crisis because of this epidemic.

Man Utd can hardly make this summer tour
Man Utd can hardly make this summer tour

Sources from the Mirror said senior Man Utd officials had almost completed the team’s 2020 summer tour earlier this year, with five matches in July and August, including a visit. India for the first time and play a match here.

In November last year, Man Utd sent a delegation of four people, led by the director of football activities Alan Dawson to visit East Bengal Club in Kolkata (India) to discuss the plan to organize a match. friendly on the Salt Lake Stadium can accommodate 85,000 seats. The date and time seem to have been set for July 26, but with the current plague situation, it is difficult for Man Utd to make this tour.

Be aware, the summer tour has always been a huge source of income for English teams in recent years. They often travel to Asia, North America and Australia to play friendly matches worth millions of pounds. In addition to testing and assembling the roster, commercial work is an indispensable factor, as their matches attract a large audience.

Also according to the Mirror, in the upcoming tour, Man Utd offered a price of 3.25 million pounds each time they participated in a match, launching the main squad. Additional all surcharges, the price can approach £ 4 million. In addition, sponsorship and advertising contracts implemented in parallel with the tour schedule will also help Man Utd make money in a few weeks.

A Man Utd spokesman told the Mirror that he proposed tour had not been canceled, but it was still delayed until they could determine the time to return to football again. They knew when that season was over and the following one starts, the tour was still under review. But they had not eliminated it yet.

Last summer, Man Utd participated in the summer friendly matches in Australia, Singapore, China, Norway and Wales in the process of preparing for the new season. The Premier League has not yet determined the date the tournament will return. Therefore, Man Utd‘s summer travel schedule will likely have to be adjusted in the future.

In addition, the situation of the global epidemic in India is also very complicated. Recently, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi issued a nationwide blockade, effective from midnight on March 25 and will last for 21 days as part of efforts to slow the spread of the pandemic.

Former Man Utd player offered for the cancellation of the Premier League 2019/20

Rio Ferdinand – the former Man Utd midfielder has called for the cancellation of the English Premier League 2019/20 if there is no solution to continue the tournament in the context of the pandemic raging onions. Ferdinand also anticipated the possibility of Liverpool fans objecting to his opinion:

Ferdinand demanded to cancel the results this season and accepted the Liverpool fans "stoned".
Ferdinand demanded to cancel the results this season and accepted the Liverpool fans “stoned”.

“If having no solution in the next few weeks, the Premier League 2019/20 season should be canceled to start the new season. Many people, including Liverpool fans, will think that I don’t want their club to be champions. But if the club I am in a similar situation, I will still put everyone’s health and beyond community interests first, “quoted Ferdinand.

Bruno Fernandes replaced Pogba as the Man Utd leader

Former French international, Emmanuel Petit said, “Bruno Fernandes is doing well the work that Paul Pogba should do at Man Utd“, especially the role of leader on the pitch. On the other hand, Petit expects to see the two superstars side by side in the future.
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