Man City welcomed the great news about the capacity to win the C1 Cup

Man City was banned from the European Cup by UEFA for two seasons but next season they could reclaim a place in the European Cup just a few days before the tournament started.

Man City is facing a penalty from UEFA

While the Premier League is discussing how to organize the next kick, there is a topic that is interested in Man City, Chelsea, MU, and the 4th place competing teams. That is how the Champions League will be solved in the event that Man City has to execute a sentence that is banned from attending the European Cup. 

Man City because of financial misconduct should be banned from the European Cup 2
Man City because of financial misconduct should be banned from the European Cup 2

Man City has been banned from attending the European Cup for two years by UEFA because of a violation of UEFA’s financial law and besides, it also shows its non-cooperation with the organization. Therefore, although City is currently 2nd in the Premier League, at the end of the season if they finish in the top 4 or win the Champions League, the next season they will not be attending, and the qualification will be transferred to the team. the ranked fifth is currently MU.

The situation of course not so simple when Man City announced they would appeal by bringing the case to the International Court of Sports Arbitration (CAS). Although Man City’s chances of appeal are not clear, at least City will do one thing, forcing the UEFA penalty to be delayed, thereby allowing them to continue the European Cup in the 2020 season. 21 until the CAS has awarded a verdict of UEFA.

The problem is that the Covid-19 epidemic has not only stopped European football but also CAS did not work and therefore Man City’s appeal has not been reviewed. If the 2020/21 season starts and CAS has not moved, Man City will have to serve a sentence and as mentioned, the Champions League place will move to the fifth-place team.

Great opportunity for City

But recently ESPN said M.City has a great opportunity to delay UEFA penalties. The Covid-19 translation caused CAS not to accept the application but the UEFA side was also affected because they could not plan to host the European Cup next season and if the 2020/21 Champions League is scheduled at any given time. For the most secure, most likely CAS will then operate again and receive Man City’s application, automatically penalties of UEFA suspended from execution.

Man City has the opportunity to delay the penalty
Man City has the opportunity to delay the penalty

Even according to ESPN correspondent Dale Johnson, it is possible that UEFA may not have a plan to organize the European Cup safely and therefore the tournament may have to “cover-up” next season. In that case, Man City has ample time to provide sufficient evidence to appeal to the CAS, because the return of the CAS does not depend on the schedule of the European Cup or even football in general, they can working sooner than the return of international tournaments.

According to Dale Johnson estimates, CAS may start accepting complaints again at the end of September, a few days before English teams start playing Champions League & Europa League next season. If CAS agrees to consider the complaint, it will be enough for Man City to automatically regain Champions League football next season from MU, Chelsea, or any team finishing in the Premier League this season at No. 5, and This type of CAS has a lot of precedents.