Man City made the Premier League 2020 stormy: Alternative for Koulibaly

Man City just suddenly changed direction after getting stuck in the acquisition of midfielder Kalidou Koulibaly. In fact, the new transfer target of the Etihad home team is also much more appreciated.

Jose Gimenez’s talent in the colors of Atletico Madrid and Uruguay – Man City

According to AS (Spain), Man City has started negotiations with Atletico Madrid on midfielder Jose Gimenez’s case. “Steel shield” in La Liga has a contract release clause of up to 120 million euros (more than 110 million pounds) and if the English team activates this deal, it will be a record deal of the land of fog from ever.

Man City suddenly changed shopping goals - Premier League 2020
Man City suddenly changed shopping goals – Premier League 2020 

However, Man City is initially negotiating to achieve a common voice with Atletico Madrid in terms of costs. Specifically, the Etihad team wants to negotiate a transfer price of about 89 million pounds to optimize the amount of money. Of course, Atletico Madrid will have to consider this offer very carefully, in the context of their need for money after the season, but Jose Gimenez is the mainstay of the defense of this team.

Coach Pep Guardiola is eager to recruit a midfielder for the new season. He quickly owned young Dutch star Nathan Ake right after the summer transfer market opened, but that is not enough with Man City’s ambitions in the coming season.

Coach Pep Guardiola loves the powerful midfielder
Coach Pep Guardiola loves the powerful midfielder

Napoli midfielder Kalidou Koulibaly is the top target of Man City this summer but the Senegalese star contains a player to leave the Serie A . At the same time, Napoli did not want to release when they did not reach the required price and that is why Man City is determined to change direction with the 4-year-old Koulibaly midfielder, Jose Gimenez.

Under the tactical hands of coach Diego Simeone, Gimenez is really a very reliable shield in the defense of Atletico Madrid. In addition, the Uruguayan star is only 25 years old, the age that he can still perfect his skills.

In the past, the rich Manchester team triggered Rodri’s release clause to bring him back from Atletico Madrid last season. This time, with the determination of coach Pep Guardiola, is history likely to repeat itself with the case of Jose Gimenez?

Premier League 2020 has a new “god of the wind”: The striker is faster than Salah?

Chelsea kicked off the Premier League 2020/21 season with a 3-1 win over Brighton . Although their rookies have not left their mark on the scoreboard, their effectiveness in play has been proven. Especially in the case of Timo Werner, he could be a top Premier League 2020 striker for many years to come.

Man City - Timo Werner made his Chelsea debut and earned a penalty in the victory over Brighton
Timo Werner made his Chelsea debut and earned a penalty in the victory over Brighton

The German national striker was famous for his Leipzig shirt and proved his ability against English opponents in the European Cup, but the match against Brighton was his first time in the Premier League 2020. Werner didn’t have any psychological dizziness, though, making a huge contribution to Chelsea’s play and even bringing in a penalty for Jorginho to score.

In the first hour of the match, Brighton was the team that controlled the game better, causing Chelsea to play counterattack, but even in that position Chelsea were still extremely harmful with the opportunities. All thanks to Werner, a counterattack of “The Blues” with terrifying speed. He continuously moved intelligently to get into position to receive the ball before accelerating, causing the Brighton defenders to chase after blocking.

Werner was once expected to join Liverpool because his speed is considered ideal to create a powerful counter-trio alongside Mohamed Salah and Sadio Mane. Liverpool didn’t buy him at all, but at Chelsea Werner still had the land to use martial arts, as manager Frank Lampard understood that he needed his strikers to keep the ball waiting for the lower line to support if they were playing against capable teams with better control.

Man City Werner took the lead and made goalkeeper Mat Ryan a foul in the penalty area
Werner took the lead and made goalkeeper Mat Ryan a foul in the penalty area

Not only does Werner keep the ball, he can carry out a counterattack for himself. Before Brighton, the striker reached the ball in time, although Jorginho’s slit was a bit strong, so he made goalkeeper Mat Ryan fouled and brought back 11m. And in the first half of injury time, Werner had few options when the ball was in possession of the ball over Adam Webster and shot Ryan to make a clearance.

While in Germany Werner was nicknamed “Super Speed ​​Timo” (“Turbo Timo”) because his speed was not inferior to that of Salah or the other top fast strikers. Chelsea now has a powerful weapon: Even if the kick is not good they can still win, because Werner gives them that opportunity.