Man City appeal against banning cup C1: When is the decision?

Man City has just been officially appealed by the Sports Arbitration Court and this will be the first step on the Etihad team’s journey to reduce the sentence.

A two-year ban on participating in competitions

Recently, the World Sports Arbitration Court has officially confirmed that it will consider Man City’s appeal for a ban on the C1 competition taking effect from next season. If nothing changes, the final verdict will be given between 8-10 June.

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Man City decided to appeal to the end
Man City decided to appeal to the end

Earlier, Man City received shocking information in February when the UEFA European Football Association issued a two-year ban on attending the European arena, with a fine of up to 30 million euros. The reason is that the Etihad team has seriously violated the Financial Fair Law (FFP) and even sent false information to cover up mistakes to UEFA from 2012 to 2016.

The financial control agency of UEFA (CFCB) found Man City to have errors in the revenue statistics. Emails and documents related to this leaked online and were published by a German magazine called Der Spiegel in November 2018.

According to those emails and documents, the amount of money that half of City into Man City spent on the transfer and pay for the players is too much compared to what they earn. UEFA says the team has exaggerated its revenue, constantly announcing that it did not suffer a loss between 2012 and 2016.

In May 2019, Man City also received similar allegations. However, they have admitted this issue.

Europe’s biggest football regulator said the Premier League champions had violated the “rules of financial justice when spending exceeded revenues from 2012 to 2016”. If the ban is left unchanged, Man City will not be able to participate in the Champions League season 2020/21 and 2021/22, regardless of their position in the top 4 Premier League.

However, an opportunity for Man City to be reduced or even vindicated, it is thanks to the CAS Sports Arbitration Court. CAS has voiced judgment on behalf of the UK when it thinks that it will consider in detail the incident to make the most accurate conclusions. If the appeal is successful, Man City can even be refunded a fine of 30 million euros paid to UEFA.

Man City is determined to conquer the big goal

In the opposite case, City will face the risk of “bleeding” serious forces when many of their stars have revealed they will leave if not attending the European arena next season. Recently, the top star of this team Kevin De Bruyne has shared his desire to be with Ronaldo at Juventus to have the opportunity to attend the Champions League regularly.

Besides, the prospect of the team ranked fifth in the Premier League this season will be eligible to attend the Champions League next season is what Man City does not want. This position currently belongs to the team “neighbors are uncomfortable” Man United. Therefore, the Etihad team will do everything to appeal and remove the penalty of UEFA.

Man City risk "bleeding" talent if not attending the Champions League
Man City risk “bleeding” talent if not attending the Champions League

After the ManCity boat had a storm, any information about a mass escape of the pillars broke out. A team specializing in “hunting people” like Green Man, now suddenly turned into a piece of cake for other giants to tear. In particular, Sterling and Kevin de Bruyne are the two names that are most sought after. In the case of Sterling, Real Madrid has given the figure of 180 million pounds to welcome the English midfielder to the Bernabeu.

The situation of ManCity at the moment and the huge number from Real Madrid make City fans worried. But recently, they will probably be satisfied with Sterling’s commitment to stick with the two-year sentence to Man City.

In addition to the move, Sterling, Pep Guardiola, and several other members have confirmed their determination to join Man City to conquer their last possible goal this season, which is the C1 Cup.

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