Malaysia vs Vietnam Prediction | World Cup Qualification | 06/11

Malaysia vs Vietnam prediction: The Vietnamese team at the moment is more appreciated and has an advantage in terms of points. But it is not easy to defeat the cornered Malay Tigers. The midfield of Vietnam suffered a great loss in terms of force. It was difficult to impose the game on Malaysia with good shape and strong and fast play.


  • Match date: 03:45 pm on 06/11/2021
  • Event: World Cup Qualif., AFC
  • Stage: Matchday 8th






Malaysia in theory is still hoping for a good second place, but in reality, only a miracle can help them. Not hiding their ambition with a massive naturalization policy. But the 0-4 loss to the UAE recently showed that this was a wrong move. Too much disturbance in the squad led to fragmented play, the competitive spirit that was the strong point of the Malay Tiger now also lost its identity. The attack has not been able to score for 2 consecutive matches, Malaysia is also often helpless before the solid play of Vietnam when 4/5 of the last confrontations were empty. With the current situation, coach Tan Cheng Hoe’s team cannot avoid the pitfalls like the 0-1 loss in the first leg.

Vietnam is facing a historic opportunity to participate in the third qualifying round of Asia for the first time. Even a direct ticket if Park Hang Seo’s students win against Malaysia and do not lose to the UAE in the last 2 matches. Burying Indonesia with a score of 4-0 is an affirmation of the class and position of the “Golden Stars”. Although the injury of Tuan Anh and Van Toan and the suspension of Quang Hai will affect the attack, quality names like Cong Phuong or Hoang Duc are able to complete the task. Besides, the defense brings new absolute peace of mind to concede exactly 1 goal after 6 matches. It will still be the strict fighting method of Mr. Park and ready to punish any mistakes of the opponent.

The tense game and the solid play of Malaysia often happen when the two sides confront each other. The last 4/5 matches did not appear more than 2 goals. Especially in a game as important as this rematch, that scenario is completely repeatable. 

Select: Under FT.


In terms of class and achievements in the continental arena in recent years, Malaysia cannot compare with Vietnam. “Golden Star Warriors” reached the quarterfinals of the Asian Cup 2019 and won the Asiad Bronze medal. This is also the most successful World Cup qualifier in their history, convincingly leading group 1. The difference is quite clear when looking at the confrontation record of the last 5 matches under Park Hang Seo, Vietnam won 4 matches and only divided points once at Bukit Jalil.

Vietnam’s performance is also completely superior after a jubilant 4-0 victory over Indonesia. Since the defeat to Japan, the Golden Star army has gone through 11 consecutive matches without tasting defeat and brought home 6 victories, of which Malaysia is the victim. In the opposite direction, Malaysia is in a mess. Both personnel and gameplay are unstable leading to 2 consecutive defeats 0-2 against Bahrain and 0-4 against UAE. The fact that it was almost eliminated puts Malaysia at a psychological disadvantage. Victory after 90 minutes for Vietnam is an undisputed choice.

Select: Vietnam FT.


The European odds show that the bookie appreciates Vietnam’s chances of winning. There is no doubt after the convincing performance of Park Hang Seo’s students. The gameplay is getting more and more perfect with outstanding level, 3 points is a completely deserved result.

Select: Vietnam FT.


The game is controlled by Vietnam but the score can hardly be more than 2 goals. Entering cautiously and speaking up in the second half is a scenario that is easy to repeat like in the last match against Indonesia.

Malaysia vs Vietnam prediction: Malaysia 0 – 2 Vietnam FT (0-0 H1).


Malaysia: Marlias, Davies, Abdul Azih, Radzak, Sumareh, Lucrecio, Cools, Rasid, Krasniqi, Lawrence, Syamer Abba.

Vietnam: Tan Truong, Duy Manh, Ngoc Hai, Tien Dung, Hong Duy, Xuan Truong, Hoang Duc, Van Thanh, Tien Linh, Van Duc, Cong Phuong.

The above is information about the prediction in the 8th round match between Malaysia vs Vietnam Prediction of World Cup Qualif., AFC on 06/11/2021 of CMD368 bookie.